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You can see black kitchen cabinets everywhere now, on Instagram and Pinterest, in lifestyle magazines, at trade fairs, and even in more and more apartments and houses. They are modern and becoming increasingly popular as black in the kitchen leads the way in home fashion. But what should you pay attention to when planning black kitchen cabinets? What makes the black front so unique? The following article is a comprehensive explanation of black kitchen cabinets.

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The Key Points Of Black Kitchen Cabinets

Anti-Fingerprint Layers And Lighting

Don’t forget: black absorbs light and makes things look smaller. Therefore, a lighting concept is necessary for black kitchen cabinet furniture.

Black kitchen cabinet fronts are sensitive, and stains are quickly visible. Therefore, when choosing the black kitchen cabinets, we need to select the front with an anti-fingerprint coating to ensure that the black front’s oil or fingers will hardly leave any traces.

The perfect look of the black kitchen cabinet is still almost lasting like new, even if the kitchen is used frequently.

IMPORTANT: When planning a black kitchen, you must consider the anti-fingerprint coating on the front. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up with the cleaning afterward.

Special Feature Of Black Kitchen Cabinets-Flexibility

Black is popular in the kitchen industry. No other color can combine nobility and indifference in a simple form.

Like white and gray, black is one of the neutral colors or “non-colors.” White gives a bright impression and spaciousness, while black defines the shape and outline.

Black kitchen cabinets usually do not have a handle because handleless kitchen cabinets let black stand out in the foreground, emphasizing clear lines. But of course, a stainless steel handle or simple black handle is also suitable for creating a sheer tonal look.

In large spaces and open kitchens, the effect of black can be fully utilized, but the smaller the cabinets, the duller the fronts of black cabinets. You have to consider whether you want black cabinets for a smaller kitchen. In addition, the kitchen cabinets also have a corresponding lighting scheme.

In some ways, black is better suitable for the environment than white. White kitchen cabinets are sometimes challenging to match white walls exactly. Therefore, tonal looks are tricky. In addition, black is a classic color to fit almost all other colors. It has no specific kitchen style and can change the style according to personal preferences.

Tip: if you think black is too dark, you can also use black as decoration. For example, put black shelves in white kitchen cabinets.

Black kitchen cabinets in key points:

  • Powerful and contrasting shade
  • Elegant and noble
  • Optically reducing
  • Suitable for all styles
  • Very popular in kitchen appliances
  • Combines well with white, neutral tones, bright colors, and wood

Structure Of Kitchen Cabinet – Black Interior

Black is unique. This is why white interiors are rarely found in black kitchen cabinets. High-quality kitchen cabinets suppliers prefer to make black kitchens. They like to display the interior of the kitchen furniture from the front.

Of course, not everything has to be black. Although the interiors are usually made of metal, there are also black accessories, even black kitchen cabinets. But purists can avoid this too. Like some accessories manufacturers in China, there are accessories in various colors to meet any matching needs.

Black Kitchen Sinks And Worktops As Eye-Catchers

The creative power of black can be seen in combination with other colors and materials. Dark black can make key colors shine when appropriately used.

The kitchen sink and faucet in black are elegant and timeless, especially in the countertops and sinks, which has a rich match. Matt black fittings can give the kitchen something special, especially with a stainless steel sink or a gray sink. The black kitchen countertop adds a touch of sophistication. Because black can absorb light, reasonable use of LED can achieve good light and dark contrast effect.

For example:

  • The black countertop makes the copper faucet shine.
  • Dark natural stone, ideal in combination with a copper fitting.
  • Classy and unusual: a dark worktop.
  • Bright fruit on a velvet Black compact worktop.

Cost Of A Black Kitchen Cabinets

Almost all kitchen furniture manufacturers have black cabinet panels in their product portfolios. The lacquer panel will make your black kitchen cabinet look more advanced and valuable, while the aluminum foil panel will be slightly cheaper. Therefore, to make the kitchen cabinet look more high-grade as a whole, we can choose the paint baking panel to show. Making black kitchen cabinets by Chinese suppliers is very mature, with an opaque surface, soft touch, and not easy to leave fingerprints.

kitchen cabinet from China

However, if the kitchen costs more than $10,000, you are definitely in the league of allowing high-quality black kitchen cabinets.  The black kitchen cabinet front with an ultra-matte finish from Parlun, a Chinese supplier, is compelling. If you want to buy a black kitchen, your budget may be higher than an ordinary one. Still fortunately, kitchen cabinets from China are high quality and affordable, so you can choose Chinese manufacturers to customize your black kitchen and obtain it at the best price.

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