Kitchen organization system

With great kitchen organization systems, you always have a complete overview, so your kitchen work can be done in an organized, fast and reliable manner. So, when planning your kitchen, make sure you have enough storage space for your kitchenware. Contact Parlun’s kitchen designers and we will plan the perfect kitchen for your home.

Zoning System

This system is how your kitchen becomes a great helper. Whatever you need to prepare, cook and serve is easily accessible in the pull-out unit around the hob. These units help you use the available space properly. In the following, we will introduce you to several kitchen zones.

Slide-out drawer from Parlun

Slide-out drawer

It is a small helper for effective organization so that even small gaps can become effective storage space.

Partitions and Bars

Partitions and Bars

When you open and close the drawer, it will hold your good plates securely in place.

Anti-slip mats

It can effectively reduce the noise level in the kitchen, and also, you can quickly find what you need at the moment.

Cutlery tray

It helps you to store your tableware in the drawer easily and quickly.

Tandem solutions and cabinets

Parlun offers a variety of kitchen cabinets to make the most of the space in your kitchen. As a result, you can easily store your purchases and kitchen utensils.

Tandem Solutions

This will give you unexpected additional storage space. They cleverly combine hanging shelves in the cabinets with hanging shelves in the doors themselves. The two complement each other perfectly and also keep your work surfaces free from unnecessary ballast. This way is perfect for use as a storage room.

Storage Cabinets

There are many practical compartments that provide you with the best overview.

Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinets

It uses rotating technology to benefit the space. In this way, you can make the most of the available space and have instant access to all the items you have stored in your corner cabinet.

Waste Separation Systems

It can be used for simple and sustainable waste separation. Discreet waste separation is essential. With Parlun’s waste separation system, you can transport leftover food, paper, plastic, etc. to your place quickly and cleanly, and waste separation becomes simple.


Our waste separation systems for kitchen base cabinets make ideal use of the available space and also provide you with space for cleaning agents.

Waste Separation Systems
Shelving and railing system

Shelving and railing system

It is extremely potential for storage space. It makes full use of the kitchen splashback and offers you a wide range of possibilities. With it, you can easily open up additional storage space.

Shelving system integrated into the niche

It enables the cutting board to be out of sight while the kitchen knives are safely and clearly parked on the magnetic strip.

Railing system

Railing system

It fills the space on the kitchen splashback in a particularly elegant way. With this ingenious system, you can keep dishes that need to be placed on hooks or magnets on the wall rails within easy reach.

from parlun buildings

The more storage space you have in the kitchen and the more functional it is, the easier it is to use the kitchen and the more fun it is for you. Thanks to Parlun’s modern and functional interior design, everything is in order.


Every kitchen is different, and each of our kitchens is custom-made. Contact Parlun so you know how to organize all the items you need in a stylish and easy way.

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