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Bring a piece of nature into your home with a wooden kitchen cabinet. In addition, the trend in kitchens is also towards sustainability and durability. Ecological wooden kitchens in particular meet the zeitgeist and are currently more popular than ever. Wood is a living, renewable raw material with many advantages – and the wooden kitchen is the ideal kitchen for environmentally conscious people. Here you can find out when a wooden kitchen cabinet is really made of wood, how to care for it, and what to look out for when planning.

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The term “wooden kitchen cabinets” is very general. This includes kitchen cabinets made of natural wood, solid wood, or old wood. And kitchens with wood decor, which are only characterized by the wood look, are often offered as wooden kitchens.

The wooden kitchen cabinet is so popular: wooden kitchens bring a piece of nature into your own four walls. The characteristic of all wooden kitchens is their calm and cozy appearance. The numerous shades of brown in wood – from light to dark – all radiate warmth. The grain typical of each type of wood is evident on the wood surfaces, sometimes calm and subtle, sometimes lively and striking.

And even if the wood is a natural raw material and is considered  sustainable and ecological, that doesn’t mean that a wooden kitchen has to have the old-fashioned “eco look.” But on the contrary, The implementation and planning of a wooden kitchen can be very versatile, from modern to classic to country style wooden kitchens. The raw material wood suits every kitchen style and harmony well with other materials such as natural stone, ceramics, or glass. This opens up numerous design options.

Whether a wooden kitchen is sustainable can be seen from various environmental seals. These include the DGM emissions label, the PEFC seal, or the Blue Angel test mark. Only a wooden kitchen with one of the seals mentioned can be described as sustainable. It cannot be denied that all wooden kitchens positively affect the living environment.

Typical wooden kitchen cabinets (not wooden decor):

  • Individual wood grains that make every kitchen unique
  • Smell of wood
  • Natural feel
  • Sustainability


Whether there is a lot or little space, and no matter what type of kitchen you want, a wooden kitchen is always the best choice if you want a cozy ambiance with a natural flair. Before buying, however, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of wooden kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of wooden kitchen cabinets:

  • Natural look
  • Cozy and warm atmosphere
  • Timeless classic
  • Variety of kitchen styles: modern to rustic
  • Can be combined with other materials
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly from renewable, recyclable raw materials
  • High durability of wood
  • Dirt is not as visible as on other materials
  • Wood is hygienic and has an antibacterial effect
  • Touch-ups and surface repairs are possible

Disadvantages of wooden kitchen cabinets:

  • Intensive care: regular oiling or waxing of natural wood
  • Sensitive to bumps, scratches, and stains
  • Living raw material: Environmental influences change the look of wood over time
  • Water and humidity cause wood to swell
  • UV radiation causes wood to darken or fade
  • High acquisition costs, depending on the type of wood

Does a wooden kitchen cabinet suit your ideas and your style of living? Think about the advantages and disadvantages before you decide, because wooden kitchen cabinets are durable and will accompany you for a long time.


Types of wood in the kitchen cabinets: multifaceted and versatile

When talking about wood, many people think of popular types of wood, such as oak or beech wood. Wood is available in an almost endless selection of wood species with different colors. For example, light wood such as maple and birch, dark wood such as walnut, woods such as cherry and alder with a subtle grain, or oak and spruce with an intensive wood structure.

Use of wood in the kitchen

Wood is not only used in kitchen cabinets. Countertops made of wood, which form a nice contrast to modern kitchen fronts, are also popular. And the interior fittings of kitchens and accessories such as cutlery inserts are often designed in wood.

Great confusion of terms in the wooden kitchen: Natural wood kitchen, solid wood kitchen, real wood kitchen?

There is a great deal of conceptual confusion regarding wooden kitchens. Natural wood kitchen, solid wood kitchen, real wood kitchen…

Which wooden kitchen is the right one for you?

Find out more about all the designations related to the wooden kitchen. While all kitchen types are related to wood, they differ in terms of quality and cost:

Veneered real wood kitchen cabinets

Real wood kitchen cabinets are only equipped with veneered fronts. The term real wood kitchen is often misused.

Solid wood kitchen cabinets

With the solid wood kitchen cabinet, you get a kitchen made of solid wood and not veneered.

Natural wood kitchen cabinets

The natural wood scent, warm radiance, and a lively look: the natural wood kitchen cabinet is always impressive when it comes to naturalness.

Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets

Make new from old: reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets are made from recycled wood and are therefore particularly sustainable.

Wood-look kitchen cabinets

Wood-look kitchen cabinets are not real wood kitchens. They only imitate them with plastic fronts – sometimes more, sometimes less successfully.


You are always suitable with the timeless classic wooden kitchen – no question. However, it is pretty normal for signs of wear to appear or for the color of the wood to change after a few years.

But before you play with the idea of ​​buying a new kitchen, you should know that your kitchen consists of a natural product that has one significant advantage over other materials – wooden surfaces are hygienic and can be touched up repaired. On the other hand, the raw material wood also requires a certain amount of care.

How do you maintain a wooden kitchen to enjoy it for as long as possible?

To remain beautiful for a long time, wood must be cared for and cleaned regularly. However, things can go wrong because wooden surfaces are sensitive. We have summarized all the essential tips for managing and cleaning wooden kitchens for you in our guide to prevent this from happening.

Why do wooden surfaces offer good hygiene?

Wood is a natural material whose properties promote good hygiene in the kitchen. Wood absorbs moisture and binds it. Due to water deprivation, bacteria and germs cannot multiply as much. In addition, wood is blessed with germ-inhibiting ingredients. For example, types of wood such as pine, oak, or larch, for instance, have a high content of polyphenols or tannins.


Modernization is a good idea, especially for old kitchens made of solid wood. As they are not veneered, and there is enough material to sand down, scratches and nicks can usually be repaired. So there is no need to replace kitchen fronts or wooden worktops.

Modernizing veneer and wood decor kitchen cabinets: what needs to be considered?

Even a veneered real wood kitchen cabinet can be refreshed. It is possible to repair minor damage on a natural wood veneer by sanding it down. However, wood veneer is often fragile, so corrections require a sure instinct and are sometimes not possible. Laminate fronts and worktops in wood decor would have to be replaced if they were damaged.

Why renovating a wooden kitchen cabinet is sustainable:

The modernization of a wooden kitchen is highly recommended from a sustainable point of view. Especially if there is an opportunity to improve the material, no tree had to be fallen for new fronts or worktops.

TIP: Consult a kitchen expert or carpenter and clarify the possibilities with the specialist. In addition to sanding, it is also possible, for example, to glaze or paint wooden fronts.


How much do wooden kitchen cabinets cost?

Wooden kitchens vary significantly in price. How much wooden kitchen furniture costs depends on many factors. Whether it is made with wood decor or solid wood, the price ranges from 5,400 to 54,000 USD or more. In addition, factors such as kitchen style, shape, size, and equipment play a role.

Wooden model kitchen cabinets are our tip for anyone who wants a new wooden kitchen immediately and reasonably priced. There is a wide range of wooden kitchens in our extensive sample kitchen exchange.

Where can you purchase wooden kitchen cabinets?

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