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Natural solid wood kitchen cabinets – a piece of nature for your home

Natural Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets


You can get a complete wooden kitchen without veneers, while only the fronts or even fewer parts are made of natural wood. The solid wood kitchen has solid wooden bodies. Like the solid wood kitchen, even all parts of the kitchen apart from the rear panels and drawer bottoms must be made of one type of wood so that the product falls under the solid wood international standard. But is it correct if the term “solid wood” is used to describe the kitchen?

natural solid wood kitchen

The terms natural solid wood and solid wood are often equated. Nevertheless, there are slight differences: With a natural solid wood kitchen, you bring a piece of nature into the kitchen in the truest sense of the word because natural solid wood is made up entirely of pieces of wood from the same tree. In a complex manufacturing process, these are processed into solid wood kitchens. And the solid wood kitchen can be obtained from different trees of a specific type of wood.

Characteristics of solid wood kitchen

  • Kitchen fronts made entirely of solid wood, not veneered
  • Natural solid wood kitchen is entirely made of one type of wood from the same tree (exception: rear panels and drawer bottoms)
  • The standard DIN 68871 specifies whether a kitchen can be described as a “solid wood kitchen.”


The solid wood kitchen is famous for several reasons. Real natural wood has a pleasant, natural smell and feel, authentic color and grain, and noble structure. So if you want to bring the most excellent possible piece of nature into your home, this is precisely the proper kitchen.

natural wood kitchen cabinets

In addition, a long kitchen life is more likely with a solid wood kitchen than with other materials such as veneers or plastic. With the proper care, you can enjoy a constantly changing kitchen for a very long time.

A healthy indoor climate thanks to the “breathing” and living material is also a common reason for purchasing a natural solid wood kitchen. The purchase of real organic furniture made of solid wood is particularly recommended for allergy sufferers, as it is natural and does not contain any substances that could cause allergic reactions.

modern natural wood kitchen cabinets

Besides, consider the ecological advantages: Wood is a renewable and recyclable raw material. When manufacturing a wooden kitchen, most kitchen manufacturers in this segment pay attention to environmentally friendly processes and low pollutant emissions. Therefore, a completely natural solid wood kitchen is precisely the right thing for those environmentally conscious people.



  • Pure nature: Particularly natural and original appearance
  • Typical wood smell
  • Natural, warm feel
  • Authentic coloring
  • No pollutants, which ensures a healthier indoor climate
  • Surfaces can be touched up
  • Durable and robust


  • High acquisition costs
  • Wood is a natural material that works and changes its appearance
  • Wood can swell when exposed to moisture
  • Not scratch, cut, or heat resistant
  • Light changes the look of wood
  • Regular care of natural wood is necessary


How much do solid wood kitchen cabinets cost?

High-quality solid wood kitchens are costly. The purchase becomes even more expensive in the case of extensive and complex kitchen planning, reaching 5,000 USD and more. However, you can buy the solid wood kitchen cabinets from China much lower price than locally.

Which manufacturers offer solid wood kitchen cabinets?

Do you dream of a natural solid wood kitchen? The best thing to do when planning your new kitchen is to put it in the hands of a kitchen professional who can make your kitchen according to your wishes.

kitchen cabinets from China

For cost reasons, complete natural solid wood kitchens are rarely found in the range of ordinary kitchen manufacturers or carpenters. However, several small and medium-sized kitchen manufacturers have specialized in natural solid wood kitchens.

Parlun is a direct manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets with comprehensive advantages from China and has long-term partnerships with many other high-qualified Chinese manufacturers offering matching kitchen furniture sets. You can find satisfactory products of very high quality but at an affordable price from us. Please get in touch with us for a free catalog and quotation. Numerous chic natural solid wood kitchen cabinets made of different types of wood at bargain prices are waiting for a new home.

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