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11 steps to plan your new kitchen cabinets

Planing Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Planning a kitchen is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Since you will have your fitted kitchen for a few years, it is worth spending a little more time on the critical questions in planning. In just eleven clearly defined steps, you will get closer to your dream kitchen and understand ​​which functions you want your kitchen to fulfill, which kitchen appliances are indispensable for you, and how you would like to design your new kitchen.


Before actually planning your new fitted kitchen, you must deal with the subject of the kitchen and carry out a needs analysis:

  • How many people will use your kitchen?
  • What do you like about your previous kitchen, and what do you not like?
  • What is most important to you in your kitchen?
  • Need a seat?
  • Would you like to integrate a cooking island?
  • Is the kitchen closed or open?
  • Which style do you prefer?
  • Should the kitchen manufacturer produce in a climate-neutral manner?
  • What is a must in your new kitchen, and what is nice to have?

Planning an L-shaped kitchen

It also plays a role in the needs analysis, whether you are the owner or a tenant. Because as the owner, you can make decisions much more freely, especially when it comes to a new building. As a tenant, you are bound to the floor plan on the flip side. If you want to keep the option of moving with the kitchen, when buying the kitchen furniture, make sure that the kitchen range is easy to add. However, if you assume that the kitchen will remain in the apartment, opt for a kitchen that you can sell to a potential new tenant more easily.


Depending on individual requirements and design preferences, the choice of materials used in the kitchen is enormous. Find out in advance about the individual differences in quality and how you can recognize high-quality kitchen cabinets and sustainable kitchen furniture. The question of the materials is important because the different materials has an impact on the price. Especially when choosing the kitchen fronts and countertops, you should know exactly which materials are shortlisted.

door styles for kitchen cabinets

But not only the materials but also the quality of the manufacturers influence the price of the kitchen. It should be noted. However, brand manufacturers offer everything from a single source. Your new kitchen can be designed according to your taste without compromises because parts are unavailable.


Get active and measure your kitchen. It is essential to record the connections, windows, doors, and unique features. It could be more complicated in the old buildings than in the new buildings to take the measurement. But don’t worry: Measuring the kitchen won’t take too long anyway. However, you must get a feel for your new kitchen and identify where there might be problems—key point sloping walls or wall projections, for example.

kitchen cabinets measurement

With new buildings and complete renovations, you have a decisive planning advantage: you are flexible and can have the connections installed depending on your individual kitchen planning. In the case of partial renovations, it is essential to check whether the placement of the connections can be changed.

TIP: For safety reasons, electrical appliances in the kitchen should always be connected to a separate circuit.


When building a new home, you are free to decide on the kitchen design. You can plan your dream kitchen and set up the connections accordingly. This is essential, especially if you want a cooking island. The situation is different when the floor plan has already been determined and virtually defines the shape of your fitted kitchen. When choosing the shape of the kitchen, you have to think about the individual work zones in the kitchen. The goal of your kitchen planning must be that your distances are as short as possible, and you can work undisturbed in the kitchen. So deal with how you have to arrange the separate kitchen areas from an ergonomic point of view.

different shapes of kitchen cabinets

Which kitchen form is ultimately suitable depends on various factors. The size of the kitchen and its floor plan, the available budget, and the desired storage space play roles.


The actual price driver when planning a new kitchen is the kitchen appliance. The number of appliances required has a decisive influence on the costs of the kitchen, as does the equipment and, increasingly, the design. A good alternative can be display devices, which are significantly cheaper and immediately available.

Choosing kitchen appliances shows why a needs analysis is so critical:

  • Do you need standard dimensions or small devices due to lack of space?
  • Do you need quiet appliances since you are planning an open kitchen?
  • Do you want branded appliances in your fitted kitchen?
  • Which equipment features can you do without in devices and which not?
  • Which devices do you use?
  • Do you have an exhaust or recirculation device?

The needs analysis will help you to select your kitchen appliances. And the better informed you are, the better solutions you will find. Did you know, for example, that combination devices are cheaper than two individual devices? So how about using a combi-steam oven instead of an oven and a steam cooker? It is essential to clarify the exhaust air duct of the extractor hood in good time and the question of whether the washing machine and dryer are also needed in your new kitchen.

good ergonomics in the kitchen

It would help if you also thought about the position of all built-in devices. If you plan a kitchen layout with a utility room, you can place some appliances and many supplies. Please find out more about ergonomics in the kitchen and follow our tips on what to look out for when arranging your kitchen appliances. If you have any questions about your kitchen planning, please contact our kitchen expert.


First of all, you should plan the most significant elements in the kitchen space so that all other furniture can be appropriately supplemented. There is space for a refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, steam cooker, or coffee machine in tall cabinets. If you opt for a standing refrigerator or an American side-by-side refrigerator, you should not forget this in the planning.

tall cabinet for kitchen

A tall cabinet is essential in kitchen planning because it can be planned as storage, crockery, and pull-out cabinets. So if you need a lot of storage space, a tall cabinet is essential. Both the apothecary cabinet and the SPACE TOWER present a good overview of the contents in tall cabinets.

TIP: Plan the right interior fittings for all kitchen cabinets and order the accessories with the kitchen furniture. In after-sale service, accessories are significantly more expensive.


The base cabinets form the basis of your kitchen and, therefore, reflect the kitchen’s shape. It makes sense to plan corner cabinets first and then the sink cabinets with dishwasher and the cooker or hob cabinet. Finally, the gaps can be filled with the desired cabinet style. Especially for corner kitchens, i.e., L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens, it is essential to think about the possible corner cabinets to use the available space as best as possible.

L-shaped kitchen cabinets

An extremely practical extra often forgotten when planning is a waste sorting cabinet. After all, the disposal of leftovers is one of the kitchen’s most frequently performed work steps. Disposal becomes even easier if you plan the waste sorter directly under the worktop.

kitchen cabinet storage recycle system

TIP: Plan your base cabinets with drawers so that you can make optimal use of the available space and, at the same time, keep an overview of the contents.

Whether you plan your kitchen with or without wall units is a question of taste, style, and space. Creating as much storage space as possible in small kitchens is essential, so wall units are highly recommended.


You have selected the kitchen appliances and the cupboards. Now it’s about the question of design and ultimately about the style that you have in mind for your fitted kitchen. Take a look at the product range of the kitchen manufacturers and take a visit to the specialist retailers that provide a good overview of current trends. What characterizes the kitchen look above all is the choice of the kitchen fronts. In addition to the materials and the colors, you have to deal with the following questions:

door styles for kitchen cabinets

  • Kitchen fronts with the frame?
  • Smooth fronts?
  • Matt or glossy kitchen fronts?
  • Kitchen fronts with or without handles?


Have you noticed that you spend most of your time at the sink area in the kitchen? More precisely, it’s about two-thirds of your time. And that is precisely why it is so essential to deal with the planning and design of this area. In addition to the look of the sink and the design of the fitting, there is also the question of function and convenience:

  • Which shape and material do you prefer for a sink?
  • Need a draining board?
  • Should the water be filtered?
  • Do you want a temperature controller?
  • Do you value hygiene and want the water to flow without touching the faucet?

sink for kitchen cabinets

You will notice from the many questions that the possibilities that the kitchen industry has come up with for the sink area are becoming more and more convenient. The numerous additional functions of the fittings and sinks are intended to make your everyday life easier. A solution is worked out for every planning problem: If there is a lack of space, the sink is equipped with accessories so that a lot of work can be carried out in a small space.


When it comes to the worktop, the first thing that matters is the right height, which should be based on the primary user of the kitchen. As a rule of thumb, bend your elbow and measure from your elbow down to the floor where your foot stands. The base, kitchen cupboard, and worktop should reach this working height.

different countertops for kitchen cabinets

The worktop design depends on your individual preferences. Contact us for a free catalog to learn about the most popular worktop materials. You are not only spoiled for choice when it comes to the materials. You can also plan versatile worktops and add side panels to your cooking island or add a counter. Solutions for the home office in the kitchen can also be implemented with worktops.


Niche equipment is fitted between the worktops and the lower edge of wall units or extractor hoods. They serve as splash and water protection and can be cleverly used as decorative storage solutions. For example, decorative lighting systems, railings, or other functional or design elements can be planned here that ensure order, more comfort, and storage space. Kitchen lighting planning is essential since glare-free preparation of meals is only possible with the help of work lights.

kitchen lighting

Now that you have done crucial preparatory work in kitchen planning, it is best to arrange a consultation appointment and put your dream kitchen in the hands of our kitchen professional who can make your kitchen according to your wishes.

Parlun Building is a direct manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets with comprehensive advantages from China and also has long-term partnerships with many other high-qualified Chinese manufacturers specializing in matching kitchen furniture sets.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Moreover, since we are one of “the world’s factories,” with the advantage of low labor costs, robust business ecosystem, low taxes and duties, and competitive currency practices, we consistently offer our customers good service and a convincing price-performance ratio. You can find satisfactory products of very high quality but at an affordable price from us. Please get in touch with us for a free catalog and quotation. Numerous chic kitchen furniture at bargain prices is waiting for a new home.

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