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Kitchens with islands – Open kitchen, freedom of movement

Kitchens With Islands

Almost all new buildings are now planned with open living concepts. The kitchen is no longer a separate room but firmly integrated into the living area. This creates new planning options such as cooking islands, making every kitchen an eye-catcher. Accordingly, many consumers want to integrate a cooking island into their kitchen. But not every room is suitable for this. We will show you what to consider when planning an open kitchen with an island.

Characteristics of an open kitchen with an island

An island kitchen is not a particular type of kitchen. Instead, islands can be combined with almost any kitchen type, whether a kitchenette with islands or a G-shaped kitchen cabinet. Many solutions are conceivable, depending on the layout and local conditions.

modern kitchen cabinets with island

The island in the kitchen is characterized by its opening character. Kitchen Island has decisively changed kitchen planning: When you work on the kitchen island, you can see the inside of the room. This makes cooking together more communicative. Life, dining, and kitchen routine are smoothly integrated.

The islands are different in equipment. According to the definition, if hobs and an extractor hood are integrated, it is called a cooking island. Otherwise, it is called a kitchen island.

modern kitchen cabinets with cooking island

The implementation options are incredibly diverse, so the island can have different working heights, integrate a counter, or even connect to a dining table. You can determine how to plan your island and what equipment to use with kitchen experts from Parlun. To get a better idea of your possible new kitchen, we suggest you check out your thoughts in our online catalog. We can also offer the free design service to show you what an island kitchen might look like in your home. Colors, fronts, and floors can change very quickly.

Planning an island in the kitchen

kitchen cabinets with large wordtop

Kitchens with islands are both modern and practical. This kitchen form is an ideal planning variant for those who enjoy cooking and want to participate in discussions with guests or family members. Kitchen Island offers the best conditions for group cooking or cooking with the whole family. A cooking island or kitchen island provides enough freedom of movement and a large worktop. Besides, you will watch everyone-children, friends, and partners when you cook.

Cooking Island is an ideal choice for open life

The kitchen must blend well visually and stylistically with the open living concept. The handleless front suits a relatively simple lifestyle. On the other hand, if you like the modern country kitchen style, the kitchen should also be designed so that the living area and kitchen will form a harmonious unity.

handleless kitchen cabinets with island

As for kitchen appliances, most cooking islands are integrated with hobs, and other equipment can also be well accommodated there, such as the dishwasher. What is feasible depends on the connection. Those who value ergonomics can even consider a height-adjustable kitchen island and plan the oven and steamer at the eye level of the kitchenette.

Quiet appliances are essential for kitchen islands

Finally, you want to read a book in a quiet environment without being disturbed by kitchen equipment. A range hood roaring over the cooking island makes it difficult to communicate with others, which is a significant advantage of the island. Therefore, when choosing a range hood, it is recommended to keep in mind the volume. For Cooking Islands, only some smoke exhaust solutions are possible, namely: 

  • island cover
  • ceiling ventilator
  • slot ventilator

To emphasize the homely features of island kitchens, island designs usually include slot fans. Although this reduces the storage space under the stove, there is typically no shortage of storage space in the kitchen.

Problems in planning an island kitchen

The problem of planning an island kitchen arises when there is not enough space to accommodate a cooking island. As a basic rule, it can be formulated: the more space for the kitchen island is better. However, how much space is required in individual cases must be checked separately. According to experience, there should be at least 90 to 120 cm of space between the kitchenette and the island to easily open the base cabinet.

planning an island kitchen

According to experience, a kitchen needs at least 15 square meters to install a kitchen island. As a compromise solution, sometimes half a cooking island is possible. You can only get there from three sides, not four, because one side is built on a wall. It is essential to consider short distances despite the space available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the island in the kitchen

Island kitchens represent a different way of cooking from old cooking habits. Cooking on the cooking island gives you a view of the room. Compared to the classic L-shaped kitchen or kitchenette, this small but essential difference makes cooking on the kitchen island communicative and puts the kitchen more and more at the center of life. 

Advantages of kitchen cabinets with island

More importantly: cooking with friends or family can be widely celebrated because of the freedom of movement. Apart from that, a cooking island provides extra storage space, which allows for the open design of other kitchen elements.

Compared with other forms of kitchens, kitchen Island is more expensive and requires more space. In addition, not every kitchen has a corresponding connection. For example, if you want to install a dishwasher on a cooking island, the water and electricity connections usually have to be installed later.

Open kitchens with an island: advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • Perfect for open kitchens
  • Freedom of movement
  • Eye contact when cooking together
  • Additional storage space
  • Modern appearance



  • More expensive than other kitchens
  • High space requirement
  • Additional connections required

Buying an open kitchen with an island

Kitchens with an island are rarely available at a bargain price. This is simply because a cooking island rarely stands alone but is always combined with other types of kitchens, such as L-shaped kitchens or kitchenettes.

However, the price range between relatively cheap island kitchens and luxurious island kitchens can be large-depending on planning. If you want to buy a kitchen with a kitchen island, you should expect a budget of at least 10,000 dollars.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

If you are interested in a kitchen with an island, the expert from Parlun can give you personal advice. Buying kitchen cabinets from China is so easy and low price. You can read how satisfied other kitchen buyers are with our kitchens in the assessment portal. In addition, modern kitchens with islands are often on sale with discount. But note: The size must be correct so that the kitchen island will fit the room in the future.

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