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L-shaped kitchens – Popular kitchen design with many advantages

L-shaped kitchens

L-shaped kitchens are very popular. They are sometimes also referred to as corner kitchens. L-shaped kitchens can be implemented in different spaces and still combine many advantages. They offer relatively large storage space within a few square meters. Short distances make kitchen work in an L-shaped kitchen efficient and pleasant.

Characteristics of L-shaped kitchens

An L-shaped kitchen consists of the kitchenettes, and one end of the kitchenette is connected to another kitchenette at right angles. Looking at the kitchen from above, it appears to be an L shape or just a corner.

Characteristics of L-shaped kitchens

The L-shape fits into any right-angled space and, in reality, still provides room for separate dining in many cases. When designing an L-shaped kitchen, there is usually one or more high cabinets at one end of the L row. Usually, the worktops extend to the two kitchenettes. Unlike the two-line kitchens, the worktops run around the corners, providing plenty of room for cutting. Therefore, enough workspace is provided.

Planning an L-shaped kitchen

You need less space for an L-shaped kitchen than for a U-shaped kitchen because the kitchen consists of only two kitchenettes. Nevertheless, minimum freedom of movement is necessary to use the L-shaped kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen should be around 6 to 7 m² with a kitchenette of 3-meter long.

Planning an L-shaped kitchen

One leg can be supplemented by a dining table in the L-shaped open kitchen. In addition, it is common to add an extra kitchenette or a cooking island to the L-shaped kitchen. The open plan, which usually requires more space, allows for a clever connection between the living room and the kitchen. Style and color should be consistent. The open L-shaped kitchen creates a pleasant atmosphere and is ideal for cooking with friends or family.

What problems may arise when planning an L-shaped kitchen?

When planning an L-shaped kitchen, the decisive factor is the solution for the corner. Without functional corner cabinets, the problem of the lack of storage space is neither ergonomic nor protective of the back.

l-shaped kitchen remodeling tips

If the refrigerator is at the end of the kitchenette, make sure it is easy to open and use.

Whether a small L-shaped kitchen is planned with or without wall cabinets is justified. Because the room is small but has to offer space for an extractor hood, wall cabinets can visually overwhelm a small L-shaped kitchenIt is best to contact a kitchen expert from Parlun, and we will show you storage cabinets and the respective interior fittings as an alternative to wall cabinets.

Pros and cons of an L-shaped kitchen

Advantages of an L-shaped kitchen:

L-shaped kitchens can be planned flexibly and fit into any room. With clever corner cabinet solutions, they offer plenty of storage space. The walking distances are short, making everyday kitchen work in an L-shaped kitchen more efficient and accessible.

advantages of L-shaped kitchen

Disadvantages of an L-shaped kitchen:

An L-shaped kitchen may be too small for a multi-person family. To prevent an open oven door from blocking the path in this case, a retractable oven door is required. On the other hand, singles looking for budget-friendly kitchens may prefer simple kitchenettes. If the planning is improper, the L-shaped kitchen may appear overloaded, which must be avoided. 

L-shaped kitchen: advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • Fits in almost every room
  • Easily accessible storage space
  • Short distances
  • Suitable for open kitchen concepts
  • Can be combined with a cooking island


  • Often too small for multi-person households
  • Maybe overpriced for budget-conscious single buyers
  • Expensive corner cabinet solutions
  • Compact and therefore sometimes unfashionable look

Buying an L-shaped kitchen

How much does an L-shaped kitchen cost?

The average price of an L-shaped kitchen is higher than that of a single-line kitchen but lower than that of a U-shaped kitchen or G-shaped kitchen. This is logical because U and G-shaped kitchens usually have more cabinets and interiors, so more storage space and a spacious worktop are available. 

However, the kitchen price cannot be determined only by the shape. There are many other factors to consider, such as devices or front materials. It will be much more expensive if you plan to build a cooking island next to the L-shaped kitchen.

Where can I buy an L-shaped kitchen?

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the best-selling kitchen shapes. They are not the specialty of a particular retailer or manufacturer. In this respect, you can get L-shaped kitchens wherever there are kitchens.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Suppose you want to do thoughtful planning for L-shaped kitchens. In that case, it is recommended that you contact professional consultants from Parlun, a qualified manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cabinets from China and therefore convince with an extensive range at attractive prices.

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