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Kitchenettes – The practical kitchen design for small space


The simplest form of all kitchens, the kitchenette, combines everything a kitchen needs in a compact space. At the same time, its simple structure allows for an inexpensive implementation but can also be planned as a luxury variant. But be careful! Although the kitchenette looks simple, it has its pitfalls.

Characteristics of a kitchenette

Interconnected kitchen cabinets form a line in kitchenettes, usually at least three meters long. Kitchen furniture plus worktops, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers are installed side by side on the walls.

Characteristics of a kitchenette

In analogy to kitchen shapes such as the L-shaped kitchen or the U-shaped kitchen, the kitchenette could also be referred to as the I-shaped kitchen. Kitchenettes are typically used when there is little space because a kitchenette fits into every room, no matter how small it is, and only requires proper water and electrical connection.

Planning a kitchenette

Single-line kitchen is ideal for singles or couples. Everything is easy to find, the path is short, and there is enough space. In addition to the connection, only the style needs to be clarified in the planning process. 

Single-line kitchen cabinets design

But that’s not all: this kitchen design is also ideal when space is limited. Long, narrow rooms usually have good conditions for installing a kitchenette. If the room only has space for a kitchenette, wall units are indispensable in a multi-family household.

What problems may arise when planning a simple kitchenette?

A kitchenette should be three meters long to provide enough activity and storage space. Of course, there are also kitchenettes in the shops. However, they usually have too little storage space and insufficiently large worktops of at least 60 cm wide. Even kitchenettes should ensure that the stove and refrigerator are not placed side by side, although the space is small. 

planning a simple kitchenette

Note: The kitchenette should not be too long. At least from an ergonomic point of view, it makes sense to plan the cooking and preparation areas close together. Long walks make kitchen work ineffective.

If there is enough space, planning an L-shaped kitchen with one side extending into the room is more advisable, as the corner cabinet solutions offer more storage space and worktop space.

Pros and cons of a kitchenette

Advantages of the one-line kitchenette:

Kitchenettes are an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers. They usually put all other kitchen types in the shade in terms of price: Kitchenettes are compact and therefore fit into even the smallest rooms.

Advantages of the one-line kitchenette

Nevertheless: kitchenettes can also be implemented in larger kitchens, often combined with island kitchens. In this case, the kitchen is planned as an open one, protruding into the room.

Disadvantages of the kitchenette:

The following applies to different kitchen shapes: Does the shape match the floor plan of the kitchen? If the kitchenette does not adapt to the room situation, there will be gaps and crevices, and possible storage space will remain unused.

Usually, limited storage space and small worktops are apparent disadvantages of kitchenettes. To create more storage space and working space, the single-line kitchen provides deeper base cabinets and extra-deep worktops (e.g., 75cm). Upper cabinets should not be abandoned.

Kitchenette: advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • Very compact, perfect for single families 
  • Protect wallets in simple variants 
  • It can also be used as a kitchen for larger apartments 
  • Suitable for combination with seats 
  • Expandable with an island


  • Cheap kitchenettes usually don’t fit the room size, so there is no classic installation 
  • Small areas are not being utilized optimally
  • Insufficient workspace 
  • Lack of storage facilities 


How much does a kitchenette cost?

On average, no type of kitchen is cheaper than a simple, single kitchenette because they require more kitchen cabinets, kitchen fronts, and accessories than a kitchenette. Since the expensive corner solutions are no longer necessary, planning becomes quick and easy. Especially the budget-conscious buyers decide to buy a kitchenette.

Kitchenettes with luxury equipment and kitchen appliances can also be found in the premium area, which is expensive, especially if you plan to build an island around the kitchenettes.

Where can I buy a kitchenette?

Kitchenettes can often be found in the advertising brochures of furniture discount stores and large furniture stores with kitchen departments. This is usually a tempting offer because the price of a kitchenette-especially if it is not individually adjusted to the size of the room, is often very low.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

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