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U-shaped kitchens – Magic storage with a lot of workspaces 

U-Shaped Kitchens

A U-shaped kitchen is your best choice if you value enough storage space and spacious worktops. It should be the perfect kitchen plan for almost all users. Isn’t it? 

Characteristics of U-shaped kitchens

In a U-shaped kitchen, each row of the kitchen is arranged in a U shape. In other words: Two opposite kitchenette units of the same length are connected on one side by another slightly shorter kitchenette unit

Characteristics of U-shaped kitchens

The U-shape is impressive for its ample storage space. There is enough space on the worktop for all kitchen utensils and kitchen helpers to be within easy reach. Because the U-shape makes excellent use of space, this kitchen shape is considered very efficient. They allow the optimal layout of each kitchen area. Two adjacent rows are mainly used for preparation and cooking, while the third is used for storage. Therefore, high cabinets and top cabinets are also installed there. The other two rows have plenty of space for creative slicing, peeling, and cooking.

U-shaped kitchen with windows

After careful consideration, the U-shape is the ideal kitchen shape for families and those who enjoy cooking or have many kitchen utensils. Modern townhouses are often planned so that the floor plan allows only one U-shaped kitchen with windows between the two kitchens. Then you can prepare food there and enjoy the scenery outside.

Planning a U-shaped kitchen

The essential requirement of a U-shaped kitchen is the corresponding building surface area, with a minimum of 8 square meters. There should be enough freedom of movement between the two kitchens. Therefore, it can be roughly said that a U-shaped kitchen should be at least 2.5 meters wide. The distance between the two kitchens should be about 1 meter in the case of drawers and about 1.2 meters in the case of cabinets.

Planning U-shaped kitchen

kitchens are usually installed on three of the four sides. In a separate kitchen with doors and windows, the worktop is usually directly in front of the window. However, the U-shaped kitchen can also be designed as an open kitchen so that a row of the U-shaped kitchen freely extends into the room, thereby separating the kitchen from the dining area or removing the walls of the dining room and living room.

What problems may arise when planning a U-shaped kitchen?

The advantages of U-shaped kitchens may also become your problems. Due to many built-in cabinets, a U-shaped kitchen may quickly become overloaded to create more storage space. Special attention must be paid to this in the planning process. Equally important is a well-thought-out corner solution so that no valuable storage space is wasted.

Advantages and disadvantages of U-shaped kitchen


Compared with smaller kitchen shapes such as kitchenettedouble-line kitchen, and L-shaped kitchen, the main advantage of the U-shaped kitchen is more available storage space. Multi-person households appreciate that. Since everything has its place, it is easier to keep order and quickly access essential utensils. The spacious working space in the U-shaped kitchen allows several people to cook together. But even for a single person, the kitchen work can be organized thanks to the short walking distances efficiently.

advantages of U-shaped kitchens 


U-shaped kitchens also have disadvantages, especially if the interior space is planned too tightly. If the distance between lines is less than 2mdrawers and doors may not open properly, especially when cooking in a team. Soon, the U-shaped kitchen becomes too tight.

If the interior space is planned to be spacious, many cabinets must be installed, so the kitchen fronts must also be installed, which increases the overall price. Therefore, U-shaped kitchens may be much more expensive than L-shaped kitchens and kitchenettes.

U-shaped kitchen: advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • Sufficient storage space
  • Spacious worktops
  • Suitable for extended families
  • Clear division of the work areas


  • If the interior space is planned too narrow: there is little freedom of movement, especially when cooking in a team
  • If the interior space is planned too large: longer walking distances
  • High price

Buying a U-shaped kitchen

How much does a U-shaped kitchen cost?

The number of built-in kitchen cabinets, fronts, and the worktops running over the corners determine the price. U-shaped kitchens also offer enough space for kitchen appliances. The refrigerator is usually more giant. All factors are reflected in the cost. In addition, the planning cost for a U-shaped kitchen is higher than for smaller kitchens.


Where can I buy a U-shaped kitchen?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Suppose you want to buy a high-quality U-shaped kitchen. In that case, you can get inspiration and advice from Parlun, a qualified manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cabinets from China and therefore convince with an extensive range at attractive prices.

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