U-shaped kitchen cabinets

In the U-shaped kitchen, you can quickly prepare a delicious lunch or a multi-course feast. Because the power of the U-shaped kitchen makes your work efficient. We have a wide range of such kitchens for you. With all kitchen style combinations, colors, surfaces and materials, you can find a U-shaped kitchen that meets your high standards of form and function.

U-shaped kitchens consist of three small kitchens that are interconnected in one corner. The prerequisite for a U-shaped kitchen is a spacious room. If one of the three sides is not along the wall but in the middle of the room, this creates a practical counter that has everything you need as a dining area.

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Space for everything: Parlun’s U-shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is very functional. It offers plenty of storage space and several meters of the valuable work surface. Small electronic devices become functional decorative elements that do not need to be put away as often to save space. With so much space in the kitchen, it is enough to have one of the three sides equipped with wall units. This improves the feeling of space and gives your U-shaped kitchen an airy and welcoming look. When choosing elements, the difference in height as well as the difference in color and structure will look very uncluttered. U-shaped kitchens are optimally planned so that you can easily divide the space for all your cleaning supplies.

U-shaped kitchens are functional far beyond their storage space. Their specific U-shaped shape is distinctive. This is especially evident in ergonomics. With you at the center, all paths and movements are reduced to a minimum. This makes your work easier. And for cooking and washing and cleaning, every movement is smooth and easy, which allows you to get the job done efficiently.

If you want to customize your U-shaped kitchen, please consult Parlun, we will give useful suggestions for your kitchen, analyze the lighting, and check the connections. And we’ll create the perfect high cabinet, refrigerator, sink, and stove arrangement for your situation.

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If you’re interested in other exciting kitchen ideas, consult Parlun and we’ll go over them for you.

In addition to being functional, your dream kitchen space also can be a visual feast. Do you dream of having a designer kitchen? Have you always had a taste for Mediterranean feeling, or do you want a timeless, classic kitchen? Or do you prefer the wood grain or the soothing coolness of natural stone? At Parlun, the possibilities are endless. The professional team from Parlun will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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