Modern kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchens cabinets characterize by simple and reduced furniture in restrained colors such as white or black. They often combine with glossy surfaces in red or blue, which creates a fresh look. Glass doors, chrome panels, and handless door fronts emphasize the slightly relaxed elegance. A matching glass dining table and chairs with metal legs complete the modern style.

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Modern kitchen cabinets – your planning and design options

As the center of family life, modern kitchens significantly contribute to living comfort. But at the same time, everyone’s living habits will be different, so when designing your kitchen, you need to customize it according to your personal requirements to maximize the function of the kitchen cabinets. Parlun is here to help you: We will present our modern kitchen cabinets to you – clearly and in detail if you wish. We will give you suggestions for furnishing and kitchen planning and then our experts will assist you in realizing your dream kitchen cabinets. Discover our modern complete kitchen cabinets, all available accessories, styles, door fronts, and the many other options available to you when you set up your modern kitchen cabinets with us.

How to design your modern kitchen cabinets: ideas & inspiration

When you choose Parlun, you will be amazed at how easy it is to create modern cabinets. But what do modern kitchen cabinets look like? What are the new kitchen trends? First of all, it’s clear: we’ll forget about rustic oak very quickly. The modern kitchen cabinets are open and appear accessible. They are designed based on clear lines, brightness, or high-contrast fronts. The former also stands for the high degree of functionality that modern kitchen cabinets strive for. They start with versatile kitchen lighting concepts that combine all imaginable lighting concepts, from under-cabinet lights to ceiling lamps to multifunctional kitchen storage systems and the latest technology in the form of high-quality electrical appliances. Visit one of our kitchen experts by video meeting. Let yourself be inspired by the diverse possibilities of modern kitchen cabinets or leaf through our current kitchen catalog.

What does a modern kitchen need? Reduced design - high functionality

So modern kitchens are not just kitchen cabinets. The contemporary concept about them is that they fulfill more than just a room concept and are also a pantry, dining room, breakfast bar, and cafeteria. The kitchen is a multifunctional, open-plan kitchen concept – how can it be realized with a kitchen cabinet design? From Parlun you will find inspiration for your kitchen planning. The reduced design of modern kitchens cabinet is complemented by highly functional equipment – highlights and elements:

Modern kitchen cabinets concepts

  • Extra high, Magic Corner, apothecary cupboard, and other kitchen cupboards offer plenty of storage space
  • Ergonomic working heights
  • State-of-the-art, energy-efficient appliance

Modern kitchen cabinets from Parlun - always be your side

We would be happy to help you actively and show you the possibilities for a modern kitchen cabinet design and storage of your dream kitchen cabinet with our help. If you also want to set up your kitchen in a contemporary way, you can benefit from our tips for kitchen collection. Here you will find innovative kitchen concepts with numerous colors and materials and smart storage systems. Kitchen ideas that you can discover again and again at Parlun. As a kitchen cabinets manufacturer from China, we have the opportunity to respond directly and immediately to your requirements and wishes.

  • Light, gray, or white kitchen fronts (matt or high gloss)
  • Floating light reinforces the open room design
  • Handleless kitchen cabinets for clear lines
  • Modern styles: country kitchen, concrete look, or high gloss
  • Materials such as stainless steel, concrete, or granite
  • Other essential ingredients for the modern dream kitchen cabinets: colors & materials

The shape and layout of your modern kitchen cabinets are already set, so you have already made two critical decisions. But which design will be the next decision? Here, you can once again enjoy the wide range of choices at Palrun kitchens. Of course, the shape of kitchen is essential to optimize the space. But the colors and materials of a modern kitchen cabinet are equally necessary details to fill the room with the atmosphere you desire.

Colors, styles, vibes - how do combine into a modern kitchen cabinet?

The social focus of your life can have so many personalities, the same goes for modern kitchen cabinets. You can choose the colors and materials from our latest kitchen catalog in which you feel most comfortable with your relatives and guests. Modern colors such as grey, white, or black are available from us and you can also choose concrete or wood look. Of course, a matt or high gloss door surface is also no problem. Your kitchen fronts let the room shine in exactly the style you and your loved ones imagine and how you feel most comfortable. With the fitting handles, worktops, and atmospheric lighting, the perfect feel-good atmosphere in the kitchen! You are welcome to make an appointment for an individual kitchen consultation with one of our kitchen experts. When planning your new modern kitchen cabinet, our expert is always at your side with advice and action.

Kitchen design and kitchen equipment

Here you will find everything you need to give your kitchen the finishing touch

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