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Wood look kitchen cabinets – alternatives to the wooden kitchen made of real wood

Wood Look Kitchen Cabinets

Whether it is solid wood, natural solid wood, old wood, or real wood veneer, a wooden kitchen cabinet is usually not the cheapest on the market. Anyone who loves the look and the cozy aura of the wood, but does not want to spend so much money, can also consider kitchens with a wood look. There is a wide variety of wood imitations.


Wood look kitchen only imitates the look of real wood. The kitchen fronts are neither solid nor veneered with wood but other materials. Accordingly, the typical characteristics such as smell or feel make up a real wooden kitchen are missing. However, imitation wood looks very authentic and gives the kitchen a cozy character.

wood look kitchen cabinets

When it comes to a wood look kitchen, you are spoiled for choices. You can conjure up the most exotic wood in your kitchen – purely optically, of course. And since it is a replica, it costs significantly less. The advantage is that in the event of damage, you don’t have to buy expensive real wood fronts but rather inexpensive printed plastic or glass fronts.

Characteristics of wood look kitchen cabinets

  • Imitation wood
  • Kitchen fronts are not made of wood, but other materials such as plastic or glass


A cheap alternative to the noble wooden kitchen is a plastic kitchen with wood decor. It can offer a continuous veneer pattern and a beautiful color scheme and even have a wood look inside the kitchen cabinet. Nevertheless, a kitchen made of plastic is not up to par with a wooden kitchen in terms of quality and ecology. You can read about plastic’s characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages here.

plastic kitchen with wood look

Digital printing is another way of bringing at least the visual sense of real wood into your home. Plastic fronts are printed with the desired wood decor motif, giving the impression of a high-gloss wood front.

The behind-glass print also affects glass fronts, which are more exclusive and more expensive, but in many respects, are of higher quality and more robust than plastic fronts.



  • Inexpensive alternative to the “real” wooden kitchen
  • Large selection of kitchen fronts in wood look
  • Kitchen fronts available with authentic-looking wood decor
  • Suitable for any kitchen style
  • Light does not change the look of wood
  • Easy-care


  • No natural wood scent
  • No warm feel
  • Does not ensure a healthier indoor climate
  • Not as strong and durable as a solid wood kitchen
  • Not scratch and cut resistant
  • Surface damage cannot be repaired


How much do wood look kitchen fronts cost?

Unlike wooden kitchens made of solid wood, kitchens with wood decor are pretty cheap. Kitchens with plastic fronts in a wood look are already available from 5,300 to 10,600 USD. Glass fronts with behind-glass printing are more expensive. However, you can buy affordable kitchen cabinets from China easily.

Which manufacturers offer kitchen cabinets with a wood look?

Are you looking for wood look kitchen cabinets with an attractive wood design? The best thing to do when planning your new kitchen is to put it in the hands of a kitchen professional who can make your kitchen according to your wishes.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Parlun is a direct manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets with comprehensive advantages from China and has long-term partnerships with many other high-qualified Chinese manufacturers offering matching kitchen furniture sets. You can find satisfactory products of very high quality but at an affordable price from us. Please get in touch with us for a free catalog and quotation. At bargain prices, numerous chic wood look kitchen cabinets are waiting for a new home.

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