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Solid wood kitchen cabinets for more nature

Solid wood kitchen cabinets

Solid wood kitchens have a very natural charm and create a cozy atmosphere. But what defines a solid wood kitchen, and how does it differ from other types of wooden kitchens? What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood kitchens, and what costs do you expect when purchasing?


The solid wood kitchen is made entirely of solid wood. The kitchen can only be modified with the addition of “solid wood” if all components apart from the rear panels, and drawer bottoms are made of the respective type of wood. This says in the standard DIN 68871 for furniture designations. It is usually more expensive to buy than the real wood kitchen front.

At Parlun, the kitchen fronts are made entirely of solid, non-veneered wood. Smooth fronts or paneled fronts made of solid wood are available, which you can choose together with our wood kitchen professional depending on the desired kitchen style.

solid wood kitchen cabinets

Blockboards or three-layer boards are also often used for the back walls and drawer bottoms in solid wood kitchens to ensure kitchen stability. Blockboards can withstand heavy loads. They consist of a middle layer of wooden slats arranged in parallel and are glued with veneers on both sides. Spruce wood or other popular woods such as walnut, pear, cherry, oak, maple, or beech are used for the middle layer. Three-layer panels are made up of three boards laid crosswise and glued together.

Features of solid wood kitchen cabinets

  • Solid wood kitchen fronts, not veneered
  • Made from one type of wood (except rear panels and drawer bottoms)
  • The international standard specifies when a wooden kitchen can be called “solid”


Unlike veneered wood, the characteristic properties of solid wood are not lost during processing. All characteristics of the natural raw material, such as feel, warmth, and smell, are retained.

The fronts as the foreground elements of the kitchen reflect the character of the whole room, and the charm of a solid wood kitchen is much more present here than the real wood solution.

wood veneer kitchen vs. solid wood kitchen

In conclusion to the solid wood kitchen, one can say that this compromise between the advantages of a wooden kitchen with beautiful solid fronts and the lower price for the body and interior compared to solid wood is probably the main reason for the popularity of solid wood kitchens.



  • Cozy and soothing aura
  • Typical wood smell
  • Natural, warm feel
  • Authentic coloring
  • No pollutants, ensures a healthier indoor climate
  • Surfaces can be touched up
  • Durable and robust


  • More expensive than veneered real wood kitchens but cheaper than the natural solid wood kitchens, which are made up entirely of pieces of wood from the same tree
  • Wood is a natural material that works and changes its appearance
  • Wood can swell when exposed to moisture
  • Not scratch, cut, or heat resistant
  • Light changes the look of wood
  • Regular care of natural wood is necessary


How much do solid wood kitchen fronts cost?

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are usually significantly more expensive than a kitchen with a wood look or a real wood kitchen but cheaper than a natural solid wood kitchen. The high price comes about because the kitchen is made entirely of solid wood. The kitchen fronts are not veneered with a thin layer of wood. What the kitchen costs also depends on the type of wood, the shape and size of the kitchen, and the style of the kitchen. Cost starts from the small kitchenette made of solid wood priced at 16,000 USD to the luxurious solid wood kitchen with a cooking island priced at 45,000 USD and more. However, solid wood kitchen cabinets from China are high quality and low price.

Which manufacturers offer solid wood kitchen cabinets?

Do you dream of a solid wood kitchen? The best thing to do when planning your new kitchen is to put it in the hands of a kitchen professional who can make your kitchen according to your wishes. However, solid wood kitchen cabinets are not available everywhere; which is merely offered by a handful of kitchen manufacturers or carpenters.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Parlun is a direct manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets with comprehensive advantages from China and has long-term partnerships with many other high-qualified Chinese manufacturers offering matching kitchen furniture sets. You can find satisfactory products of very high quality but at an affordable price from us. Please get in touch with us for a free catalog and quotation. Numerous chic solid wood kitchen cabinets made of different types of wood at bargain prices are waiting for a new home.

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