Stone look tiles

Our tiles with a stone look are just as multifaceted as nature itself – from light to dark and from calm to lively. We offer you a large selection of tiles with a stone look with big discounts. Versatile structures, such as the simple grain of the sandstone and different surface finishes from matt to glossy, are reminiscent of the unique features of natural stone. The natural look is timeless, expressive, and authentic. Therefore, the stone’s appearance has been loved since ancient times.

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The natural feeling of the stone look tiles is created by colors on the surface and detailed texture typical of stone.

As versatile as natural stones are, the surfaces of our stone look tiles are also multifaceted. The tile surfaces differ not only in their coloring and structure but also in their surface texture. Stone look tiles surface can be matt or glossy, as well as with the shimmer effects typical of stone.

We offer stone look tiles that are so reminiscent of natural stone that they are almost indistinguishable from each other. In addition, stone look tiles represent a robust and easy-care floor and wall covering. They are highly durable, even in the kitchen or the bathroom, wetness, steam, and stains can no longer damage your tiles.


Many different furnishing styles can be realized with stone look tiles since stone look tiles can no limits to creativity. When choosing the tile look, you should always have a complete overall concept in mind. If you select a particularly wild and dynamic tile surface, be aware that it fills the room to a certain extent. Combined with colorful furnishings, there is a risk that the room will appear overloaded. Conversely, reserved stone look tiles can be wonderfully combined with eye-catching pieces of furniture. However, the combination is a matter of personal taste.


Stone look tiles impress with their robustness, durability, and safety. They are more durable than almost any other wall or floor covering. This means that once you have laid stone look tiles, you can enjoy them for a long time. And a very important point, stone look tiles are super easy to clean if they get dirty. In this case, do not use cleaning agents that are too strong, as damage and stains can occur over time. To preserve the natural structure of stone look tiles for as long as possible, you should also avoid using abrasives, as they will scratch the surface and thus lose the special structure. A cloth with warm water is sufficient for cleaning.

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