hanging chair and hammock?

Have you thanked Columbus yet? Only because of it will you soon be able to swing back and forth in a comfortable hanging chair or a hammock in your garden because the famous sailor discovered these rocking cloth hammocks and net hammocks for us during his trip to America. The Maya around the Amazon was already using hammocks made of tree bark as places to sleep 1000 years ago, for example, for the well-deserved siesta.

And now you also have the chance to rock into dreams. Find your favorite spot in the garden and simply place a hanging swing there. But what kind of chair or mat? Relax while sitting or lying down? This also depends on the required attachment points (which you do not need for every piece of furniture, however). You will find out what else you should consider before you choose online by reading on.

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Outdoor hanging chair or hammock: which one convinces you more?

There are many reasons why the hammock and the hanging chair have been so popular for many years and are enjoying ever-increasing demand. In addition to the opportunity to simply let your soul dangle and forget everyday life with a siesta in the garden, the body is also relieved. This permanently increases your well-being. Staying outdoors becomes a mini-wellness stay – right around the corner. However, hanging chairs and hammocks are not the same.

This is how hanging chairs and hammocks differ from each other

The hammock and the hanging chair are two different devices. When you think of a hammock, you probably think of the classic image: a hammock stretched between two trees, absolute lying comfort, surrounded by natural security. You take a horizontal position on this device – this is precisely why a hammock needs two suspension points.

A hanging chair (sometimes also known as a hanging basket) offers the advantage that the hanging seat only needs one attachment point on the ceiling, a beam, or directly on a load-bearing hanging chair frame. On such a hanging seat, you enjoy an upright sitting position. This is better than a traditional armchair, except that the hanging chair swings in the air and creates an exceptional experience.

That's why you can't go wrong with a hanging chair or hammock

Both hanging swings can be used in many different ways. In addition to the normal use between two tree trunks in the garden, hammocks can also be used on balconies and terraces and even indoors on your own four walls with a stand. This also applies to hanging chairs.

Which option is better for you should be answered according to your feelings. Would you rather swing while seated or in a lying position? No matter which variant you ultimately choose – you will always be able to benefit from the advantages – namely, the security of swinging and the comfort for body and mind.

If you want to buy a hammock...

Hammocks offer a lot of flexibility. Thanks to the highly space-saving device, the mat can be easily removed and stowed away after use. If this convinces you and you want to buy a hammock, you should decide on your personal best variant. But of course, you have to know what is available. You might stumble across these terms, for example:

  • baby hammock
  • children’s hammock
  • travel hammock
  • stick hammock


Basically, a difference is made between the target group (e.g., for children) and the various constructions, usually between hammocks with and without spreader bars. The first variant with the spreader bar looks a little more inviting, as the hammock is stretched out by the bars, which are located at one end and to which the cloth is attached. The model without a spreader bar, on the other hand, embodies what first comes to mind when we hear the keyword hammock: A cloth stretched between two trees, a straightforward construction. But let’s also take a look at the hammock stands.

The hammock with stand

You can easily use a stand if you can’t find a good way to attach and hang the hammock. This is particularly convenient as it can be easily transported from one place to another. Other benefits: no need to attach hooks to the wall or ceiling and no need to have two trees spaced appropriately. The classic material for the frame is wood – the species most commonly used for this purpose are pine, spruce, larch, and ash. While wooden frames embody a natural color and a more traditional look, metal frames, such as aluminum which is more modern. In addition, the metal usually proves to be lighter than wood due to hollow frame construction and can therefore be carried from one place to another easily.

The size of the hammock

Finally, of course, you should also consider the question of size. How large the lying surface of the hammock should be depends primarily on how many people want to relax in it simultaneously. In addition to models for just relaxing, there are also double hammocks and even variants in which a whole family with children can have a good time.

Order a hanging chair? This is something to consider

Even if you have decided to buy a hanging chair, you should first get an overview of the different types of hanging. Some models have a spreader bar to spread the seat. In addition, a swivel is often integrated here so that this type of hanging chair can not only swing but also rotate. Alternatively, there are so-called mesh hanging chairs, in which the seat is made of mesh fabric that adapts to the body and thus ensures a particularly relaxing effect. These different hanging chairs are made of different materials.

Which material is suitable for outdoor hanging chairs?

The plastic fiber poly rattan models are widespread and considered ideal for outdoor use. Since low and high temperatures and humidity have little effect, the poly rattan hanging chairs can be left outside all year round. Fabric hanging chairs are also popular: This variant is a bit similar to a hammock because the seat is usually made of cotton (or a weather-resistant synthetic fiber). Hanging chairs made of wood, on the other hand, are somewhat rarer. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors and, thanks to their natural look, blend in wonderfully with the garden. They are hanging chairs made from the natural material rattan – not to be confused with the synthetic fiber poly rattan! On the other hand, significantly less resilient and therefore not found on terraces or balconies – but definitely in conservatories.

How to find the right size for your hanging chair

If you are interested in a hanging chair made of fabric, you should note that different sizes are available here. To decide on the suitable cloth surface, there is a simple calculation: add another 20 centimeters to your height. The cloth surface of a hanging chair should be at least as large to sit comfortably in it. Of course, if it’s taller, that’s not a problem… That way, you can stretch your legs.

Both are also possible: buy a hanging chair and hammock together

It’s your turn. What do you like better: the familiar hammock or the modern hanging chair? We have put together an attractive selection of high-quality hammocks and hanging chairs for you in our outdoor furniture catalog. Feel free to browse through our range and the accessories.

But if you can’t decide: you can do both. A hammock for the garden and a nice hanging chair for the balcony or inside the house? As you can see, there are many ways to relax a bit in your everyday life. Don’t let too much time pass by without relaxing.

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