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Installation, materials, design: this is crucial for the shower room

Your shower room is your little health oasis. Here you can wash away the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge your batteries. More importantly, it makes you feel entirely comfortable inside the shower, and it fits perfectly in your bathroom. Are you planning a new bathroom or want to replace an old shower room? We’ll tell you which criteria are essential when buying a new shower room.

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Installation situation: Shower room complete set, round or square?

Each bathroom has a different layout and therefore offers a different amount of shower space. In small bathrooms, homeowners often do not use the shower at all, preferring a bathtub with an attached shower kit. If both have enough space or a separate guest bathroom, you can install the shower in the corner. This saves space and material costs since the shower already has two side walls. For this installation situation, the following can be used:

Corner shower room:

With a square or rectangular corner shower head, you can make the most of your bathroom space while leaving enough free space to move around the shower unhindered.

Round Shower room:

The semi-circle shower room can be installed in any corner to save more space and make the bathroom look more relaxed.

Penta Shower room:

Like a round shower, the Penta shower room barely extends into the room, making it a space-saving alternative to the classic corner bathroom.

Shower Screen:

The minimal solution for corner mounting is a simple shower screen that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom while keeping the entry side open. This type of installation makes the bathroom look spacious and modern but means less privacy in the shower – and the occasional splash on the floor. Niche solutions are more space-efficient than corner mounts. If three walls separate the shower, the only thing missing is the right shower door. However, if the bathroom is large enough, the shower doesn’t have to be a corner alcove but can be placed prominently in the room.

Semicircular shower room:

This variant does not offend and does not waste any space in the bathroom. Its rounded shape blends elegantly into the room.

U-shaped room on the wall:

Two sidewalls and an individually selectable entrance can be attached as a square U-shaped to any flat wall surface.

Complete Shower room:

This prefab shower room contains everything you need for your shower experience and can be flexibly set up in the room.

TIP: A space-saving sliding door or a wing door that closes inwards or outwards – whichever installation you decide on, make sure you choose the right door system when shopping for your shower room.

Roll-In Shower room: Walk-in Shower room

Although shower rooms had to be functional in the past, designs are at least as necessary today. So more and more homeowners today are opting for shower rooms without shower trays. Floor-to-ceiling walk-in shower rooms are accessible and integrated into the room. Don’t forget the advantages that arise during the cleaning process. With a walk-in shower room, you don’t need to clean the shower tray; wipe the floor of the shower area and the rest of the bathroom floor. An alternative to a floor shower is the floor shower base, which combines the benefits of a shower tray with the help of a walk-in shower room.

Material: Is the shower room glass or plastic?

Glass shower rooms are the queen of showers. Noble and elegant, it is filled with sunlight and creates harmonious flowing transitions in the room, thus expanding it visually. Plus, real glass is more robust and heavier than the cheaper alternative plexiglass, which means it closes more securely and doesn’t warp. Water rolls off its delicate surfaces better, leaving almost no limescale or soapy residue. If it does: Real glass is easy to clean and quickly radiates new brilliance.

Are you worried about safety? Glass shower rooms are made of tempered safety glass (ESG), also used for windshields. It doesn’t break down into pieces but into many harmless particles if it breaks. However, quality comes at a price; an accurate glass shower is naturally more expensive than a plastic one.

Do you want your shower to be as cheap as possible? Then plexiglass, also known as acrylic glass, is the material of choice. Plastic shower rooms are impressively priced, but they’re also lighter in weight, making them ideal for any bathroom. The almost entirely structured acrylic glass gives you the necessary privacy in the shower but is sensitive to cleaning agents and can become slightly dull and dull over time. Do you want to enjoy a shiny shower for a long time? Then a shower made of real glass is a better option.

Design: Full frame or frameless shower room?

One of the significant advantages of glass shower rooms is that they are also available in frameless versions. The frameless shower room is incredibly stylish. No contours are interfering with optics. The shower room blends seamlessly into the room, making it feel spacious and open. Another plus: you can quickly and easily clean a frameless glass shower in just a few movements – no frame gets in the way.

The counterpart is a full-frame shower room. This might not look as modern, but it’s tight. The partially framed shower room is an elegant compromise, with very narrow profiles and fittings and hardly any weight. When it comes to design, it’s up to you to decide which design will enrich your bathroom and which look will make you feel most comfortable in the shower.

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