Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring provides a natural, cozy atmosphere. Parlun offers hardwood flooring in numerous different designs. You have the choice between different types of nature wood, surface treatments and grades. So you can find the right solid wood floors for every furnishing style.

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Hardwood flooring brings nature into your home

As the name suggests, hardwood flooring is made entirely of natural wood. Unlike engineered hardwood flooring, they are not made up of several layers. The floor is antistatic and ensures a natural indoor feeling. Because nature wood can absorb and release moisture, wood plank flooring helps regulate the room’s humidity. The renewable raw material wood is durable and robust. Especially those who like to walk barefoot appreciate the warm, pleasant surface of wood flooring.

The hardwood flooring offered by Parlun equipped with a tongue and groove system. So it is easy to lay the floors. They are either screwed concealed to joists or glued over the entire surface. If you have underfloor heating, talk to our specialist advisors to determine whether the floorboards you want are suitable for laying over underfloor heating. Because not every solid wood floorboard can be laid on underfloor heating.

Elegant or rustic - hardwood flooring can do both

Parlun offers you hardwood flooring with an antique look, rustic-looking solid wood floorboards, and those that appear elegant, thanks to their fair grading. Many of the hardwood floorings have already been treated. If you would like to decide whether the floorboards should be oiled or sealed with varnish, choose an untreated product. With proper care, your new wooden floor will last for a long time. If the floors have worn down over the years, you can sand them down and get a practically new floor. Whichever variant you choose, you will find a high-quality floorboard at a fair price with us.

Oak is a good wood species for hardwood flooring

Oak is much more environmentally friendly than other natural woods. The wood is highly robust because it is very hard. So it withstands loads well. Oakwood does not fade quickly when exposed to sunlight. Due to fluctuations in humidity, the wood expands only slightly or shrinks significantly. In addition, oak is visually very diverse. Depending on the surface treatment, the floor can appear rustic or noble.

Hardwood flooring from Parlun

You can enjoy hardwood flooring for many years – provided that the solid wood floorboards are made of correspondingly high-quality material and receive the necessary care. With our solid wood floorboards from Parlun, you get excellent quality at fair prices. Order your desired floor conveniently by contacting us and letting our products convince you. Take a look at our guide for installation tips, and contact our specialist advisers if you have any questions.

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