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Do you need a new basin tap for your bathroom? Whether it’s a single lever blender, sensor blender, mixer faucet, thermostatic blender, or double-handle blender-at Palrun, you can find a wide selection of blenders for your washbasin. In addition, you are supposed to choose between pressure-resistant and low-pressure accessories.

Please check your bathroom for vertical or wall-mounted accessories before purchasing. Also, rotating or high vents, a pull-out shower, or a waterfall faucet can also play a role in the selection process.

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Find the right washbasin faucet

There are almost no limits to the selection of high-quality washbasin taps. The differences lie in the functionality. You are spoiled for choice!

Single-lever mixer or mixer tap?

With the one-hand mixer or single-lever mixer, the strength of the water jet and the temperature are controlled with just one hand movement. This has many advantages – due to the intuitive operation, e.g., B. Water is saved because searching for the right temperature does not take long.

The counterpart to the single-lever mixer is the two-handle mixer or mixer tap. In a mixer tap, cold and hot water are regulated separately using two levers or rotary knobs. Since the water temperature has to be set a new every time with two hand movements, the water consumption of the mixer tap is higher than that of a single-lever mixer. The mixer tap is available as a 1-hole or 3-hole fitting.

How about a washbasin faucet designed as a thermostatic faucet? A thermostatic fitting ensures a constant water temperature. This protects you from unpleasant surprises due to flow temperature or pressure fluctuations. A safety feature protects against hot water temperatures above 38℃.

What is a low-pressure faucet?

A low-pressure faucet for your sink is necessary if a water heater (boiler) is used for the water supply. For this system, the fitting must have unique properties. Fittings for low pressure react to water expansion in the boiler and let the water drain drop by drop. It is therefore not a defect if low-pressure fittings drip. No low-pressure fitting is required for instantaneous water heaters.

Basin fittings and mixer taps Buying washbasins from Palrun – your benefits.

One thing is guaranteed: Palrun has washbasin fittings at permanently low prices! Order the correct fitting for your washbasin online, you can get the high quality basin taps from China with affordable price.

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