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The floor has a significant influence on the look of a room. But not only the appearance but also the material is essential when choosing the right floor. Wooden floors are absolute classics. You will find different flooring with us in a vast selection. It ranges from Engineered Hardwood to laminate to vinyl floors that imitate wood. At Parlun, you will discover a vast selection of wooden floors that meet the highest demands. At the same time, is it more exciting to buy wooden flooring from a direct factory in China at low prices?

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Wooden floors - made of natural wood or in a perfect replica

There are so many options for wooden floors. Choose the right covering depending on the look and properties you want for your new floor. If you want a natural wooden floor, engineered hardwood flooring or hardwood flooring is perfect. If you prefer the look of natural wood but want to invest less time in maintaining the floor, laminate and vinyl floors are ideal.

Natural charm: Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The best-known wooden floor is undoubtedly the engineered hardwood flooring. Previously, only specialists with the appropriate experience could lay. However, many manufacturers from China now offer their engineered hardwood flooring with click systems. It means, for example, that the planks with drop-down connections can be easily angled on the long sides and clicked together on the short sides. These connections ensure that a completely level and solid floor create. In addition, the surfaces of the engineered hardwood flooring are already prepared so that sanding down after laying is not necessary. Some floors require initial care, but any do-it-yourselfer can do it without problems. Laying engineered hardwood flooring has become easy. You can apply your new wooden floor yourself with manual skills.

Cozy: Hardwood Flooring made of oak and other types of natural wood

Ready-made engineered hardwood flooring usually consists of several layers so that it does not warp during later use. The use of a carrier board also impacts the price. It makes the wooden floor cheaper because the floorboards are not made entirely of precious wood. Is only the top of made of natural wood. However, at Parlun, you can also get solid wood flooring, which lovers of natural wood floors particularly appreciate. Hardwood flooring gives every room an extraordinary flair. Hardwood flooring is also available in a rustic look, making a facility look even more rustic and cozy. Hardwood flooring usually has tongue and groove connections, allowing them to connect quickly. However, they cannot be laid floating but must be glued or nailed.

Hardly distinguishable from natural wood: easy-care laminate Laminate Flooring

It doesn’t necessarily have to be natural wood. You can also look at laminate flooring in our catalog. Laminate is a cheap alternative to engineered hardwood flooring. It consists of several layers—the top layer made of decorative paper and a layer of melamine resin. The decorative paper print, so the possibilities for designing these floors are almost limitless. In our catalog, laminate flooring appears calm and elegant due to its fine decor. It is also flooring with expressive grains and knots with which you can give a room a rustic ambiance. With high-quality laminate floors, the manufacturer from China imitates the grain structure in the top layer. It makes the floors look even more like natural wood floors. Laminate flooring is very hard-wearing and easy to care for, thanks to its wear layer made of melamine resin.

Ideal for renovation: Vinyl Flooring and PVC flooring

Vinyl flooring and PVC flooring can also imitate different types of natural wood and other materials. They now use sophisticated manufacturing techniques, so these flooring can hardly distinguish from natural wooden floors or tiles at first glance. Vinyl flooring is straightforward to care for. Another advantage: solid vinyl flooring, in particular, has a low construction height. Therefore, these floors are perfect for renovations.

Flexible, heat-insulating, and sound-insulating: Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is another classic among natural wooden flooring. In addition to the traditional cork look, you should also look at the cork flooring with a wood or stone look, which the Chinese manufacturer produces. Many favorable properties characterize cork flooring because it is flexible and increases comfort when walking on the floor. Cork flooring also insulates footfall noise and acts as an additional thermal insulation layer. It, therefore, helps you to reduce energy costs. With cork flooring, you are making a good choice.

Veneer Wood Flooring: The inexpensive natural wood floor

Another variant from the field of natural wood flooring is veneer wood flooring. The top layer of wood veneer is relatively thin. The middle layer, which usually consists of a fibreboard, is thinner than engineered hardwood flooring. A low installation height primarily characterizes veneer wood flooring. It is often in the range of only 7-9 mm. It makes veneer wood flooring ideal for renovating rooms in which a thicker engineered hardwood flooring could cause problems in the window and door area. Veneer wood flooring is available in many beautiful types of wood, such as oak, walnut, or acacia, and with different surfaces. You can choose between oiled and matt sealed veneer wood flooring.

Buying wooden flooring from Chinese manufacturers: from engineered hardwood flooring to vinyl flooring

Whether you decide on engineered hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring doesn’t matter. At Palrun, you can order any floor from the comfort of your own home and at the best price because we are the direct manufacturer of wood flooring in China. To match your wooden floor, we also provide you with the materials and accessories required for laying, such as skirting boards and sound insulation material. So order from us and have it conveniently delivered to your home. If you have any questions about our wooden floors or other products from our range, our expert will be happy to help you. Buying wooden flooring from China can be so easy and cheap from Palrun.

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