HPL interior doors

Room doors with an HPL surface are particularly hard-wearing. HPL interior doors are often installed in hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and administration buildings. With Parlun, you can benefit from the large selection of interior doors at the absolute best prices; we deliver everything to your desired address.

HPL interior doors are used where doors are subject to extremely high loads.

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Properties of HPL doors

HPL doors are:

  • robust
  • scratch, impact, and abrasion-resistant
  • temperature resistant
  • easy to maintain
  • extremely durable
  • lightfast without fading
  • resistant to common household chemicals

Whether white HPL doors, HPL doors with a classic lengthwise look, or HPL doors with a modern crosswise look – at Parlun, you can buy cheap HPL doors from China.

Production and assembly of HPL doors

High-Pressure Laminate, in short: HPL – is a kind of laminate. It is created from the high-pressure pressing of several layers of paper with hardening synthetic resin. The decorative laminate panels with a melamine resin top layer are between 0.5 and 2.0 mm thick, depending on the quality, and are therefore very robust. They are applied to the inner structure of the door. Thus, the HPL inner doors can be safely used in busy areas such as hospitals and schools.

Different printed decorative paper creates patterns, wood replicas, and colored doors with HPL surfaces.

The HPL surface consists of 60% renewable resource paper and hardening synthetic resins to provide a nonporous, smooth surface.

Difference between HPL and CPL doors

HPL surfaces are of higher quality and more robust compared to CPL surfaces. Although CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) is produced continuously, HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) has significantly higher resistance due to the discontinuous production in lamination.

Both plastics are convincing in scratch, impact, and light resistance and are very easy to clean.

HPL doors are less sensitive to many chemicals. Dirt, fingerprints, boiling water, and damp or dry heat will not leave any traces on HPL interior doors. They are therefore particularly suited for heavily frequented rooms.

When do I need an HPL interior door?

HPL interior doors are for you if you need a robust door for intensive use. In general, it is recommended to use HPL doors in public buildings. The large selection at Parlun offers you numerous design options and the lowest HPL door prices.

In our range, you will find many other interior doors to choose from

  • Lacquered doors in RAL colors
  • Plain lacquered doors
  • white HPL doors

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