Sliding windows

Sliding windows are among the older window constructions, enjoying great popularity again today. Compared to conventional tilt and turn windows, their significant advantage is the space-saving and the generous glass surfaces. You can use the sliding windows horizontally or vertically. The American or English sliding window is also called a push-up, vertical sliding, cash register, or pass-through window. Horizontal sliding windows are mainly associated with the terrace or balcony.

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Operation and types of sliding windows

There are two different types of sliding windows: horizontal and vertical sliding windows. The horizontal sliding windows are pushed to the side and can be designed in various designs as a standard sliding element, parallel slide/tilt, or lift/sliding window. The vertical sliding window is pushed up and is often used as a pass-through window. Sliding windows are used in both private and business areas.

Horizontal sliding windows

Sliding windows with a horizontal opening are modern and are often used in the terrace area. There are two ways of opening the window. A sash is fixed-glazed so that only the second sash can be moved and is pushed in front of the fixed-glazed element via a rail. Another option is to both sashes ​with a sliding function.

Vertical sliding windows

Vertical sliding windows save space and are very popular in England and America. They are also called “checkout windows” or “pass-through windows” because they are often used for operational purposes. They are often used in ticket sales areas and restaurant areas. But it is also often used in private homes.

Why buy sliding windows?

Modern sliding windows are very space-saving, but they are also efficient to use in-room ventilation. The Japanese culture is already leading the way because, in Japan, the sliding elements are used as windows or terrace doors and as room doors. Still not sure if sliding windows are right for you? No problem! To give you an overview, we have listed some advantages and disadvantages so that you can carefully consider whether a sliding window is right for you.

Advantages of sliding windows:

  • Very space-saving when opening the window since there is no window sash in the room
  • It can be opened very easy
  • Very quiet with windows open
  • Look very modern and minimalist

Disadvantages of sliding windows:

  • Restriction in the room ventilation, since only one window sash can be opened
  • Wear the seals with frequent pushing

Sliding windows can be designed and manufactured according to material, color, and shape

Browse our sliding window catalog, and by contacting us, you can easily design your custom sliding windows. You can select the desired material as a first step: the inexpensive sliding window made of plastic, the elegant aluminum sliding window, or the natural wooden sliding window.
The colors can be easily adapted to the architectural style of the building, depending on personal preferences and ambiance. Frame colors can be chosen from various shades, from pure white to beautiful wood tones to modern window colors – anthracite.

Would you always like to have an overview of how much your sliding windows cost? No problem! We can make a quote for you for free to always have complete transparency and cost control.

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