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Horizontal Sliding Window

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Horizontal sliding windows are perfect for elegant terraces due to their large glazing and excellent thermal insulation value. They come in many options, in various colours and in different materials such as wood, aluminum or plastic. A variety of design options and a space-saving opening mechanism make this horizontal sliding window suitable for many places. It consists of two or more sash elements, of which its sashes slide horizontally within the window plane.

different-design-of-horizontal-sliding-windows different-design-of-horizontal-sliding-windows

Horizontal Sliding Windows: Various Individual Designs

Horizontal sliding windows consist of two or more sashes that can move horizontally. Compared with traditional tilt and turn windows, its great advantage is its very space saving and convenient operation.

Horizontal sliding elements can be used as large facades and areas with plenty of natural light. You can also design your own sliding windows to suit your environment and personal taste to add character to your house or terrace.

There are two window designs to choose from. One is the PSK window with tilt and slide functions. It is mostly used in terrace areas. The modern lift and slide window generation is a further development. HS doors are a first-class solution with optimum thermal insulation and  high comfort.

Turn-tilt windows Turn-tilt windows

Large Glazing Sliding Doors

For large facades, windows or areas, especially terrace areas, horizontal sliding windows are the best option. They are ideal for conservatories or porches where indoors and outdoors meet. Because of the large glass, the window is also called a sliding door.

You can design sliding windows individually to show each house’s own style. They are also the epitome of elegant and comfortable living.

You can choose frame or profile material according to your personal needs. You can choose from plastic, wooden or aluminium windows. Aluminium profiles are often used for particularly large window elements because they are very stable and can carry heavy elements.

Different window frame materials

Conveniently, you can easily plan and configure every detail of your horizontal sliding windows from the comfort of your home. Just contact us with the touch of a finger and our professional staff will provide many accessories, special equipment for you to choose from.

How To Open The Horizontal Sliding Window

Parallel Slide And Tilt Openings

Parallel slide and tilt openings are often used for balcony sliding doors. It is identified by an upwardly tapering triangle that describes the opening point of the window. This means that elements can simply be tilted. Integrated arrows show the direction in which the door leaf can slide open (left or right).

Lift And Slide Openings

Lifting and sliding openings are mostly used for oversized balcony doors with heavy door leaves, and they are easy to operate because they are equipped with special fittings. A right or left corner arrow indicates the direction of the sliding movement.

Common Problems Of Horizontal Sliding Windows

What is a horizontal sliding window?

A horizontal sliding window is a window that can be slid horizontally to one side. Horizontal sliding windows are very space-saving, but also large window constructions can be obtained. When you want to open the window, push the movable window to the front of the fixed window through the rail.

the cost of Horizontal Sliding Window

What is the price of the horizontal sliding window?

There are many factors that affect the price of a horizontal sliding window. For example, large windows are more expensive than small sashes. Not only the size of the window determines the price, but also the selection of materials and glass. You can estimate the price of horizontal sliding windows for your house by contacting our salesmen online.

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