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What are terrace windows?

terrace windows

Terrace windows according to your requirements

Terrace windows

In addition to the conventional living room windows, terrace windows play a prominent role in the house as a link between the cozy interior and the free outdoor area with a garden or balcony. It means that large terrace windows have a vital design function. Depending on the structural location, significant sliding elements are often installed in addition to the tilt and turn windows. Set exciting accents with unusual shapes, functions, and colors.

Expansive terrace windows for a unique view of the outside

The so-called panorama window could be described as a classic window for the terrace. It usually consists of one or more huge fixed glazing that blur the boundaries between living space and nature.

A popular and modern variant of the terrace facade is the terrace window with a sliding door. You can choose between the popular PSK door and the premium product: the lift and slide door – two models with different opening mechanisms. The terrace windows can function as floor-to-ceiling windows and be permanently glazed, creating a beautiful overall structure with the terrace door.

Another option is to connect the terrace windows with a balcony door. The window and terrace door have the same profile structure, and the glazing is identical. A harmonious overall picture is always given.

Contact us for more information about terrace windows and find out the costs and possible extras.

terrace window with a sliding door

Terrace windows in different functionals

Security fittings for terrace door window combination

In addition to the balcony door, terrace windows are also very popular among burglars to gain unauthorized entry. Therefore, it is highly worthwhile to look at the various options for securing the window elements.

Equip your terrace windows with a special mushroom headlock in the fitting. This consistently makes it more challenging to lever out the windows. Reed contacts can be installed to monitor locking and tilting for optimum convenience.

Terrace windows with roller shutters offer another natural barrier to prevent thieves from entering the house. In addition, we recommend slide-up locks that secure the stable aluminum armor.

At Parlun, you can buy a matching roller shutter for the terrace window. As a result, both elements are optimally coordinated, and there are no nasty surprises during installation.

Custom-made terrace windows

Configure terrace windows easily and conveniently online at low prices and order them at Parlun.

Sealing terrace door – the detail decides

Terrace window seal

A terrace window with a door element allows plenty of light and a pleasant room climate and poses the risk of drafts and thus heat loss.

Check the sash and frame seals and replace porous elements, especially older windows and doors.

It’s best to contact our experts at Parlun, who will quickly replace the window seals and adjust the terrace window. In this way, it remains reliably sealed for years to come.

You can choose the seal color in black or light gray. Your window will have two or three sealing levels depending on the profile system. There are usually three seals in a very distinctive chamber system, such as that of an energy-saving window.

Contact us for more information about your terrace window today and find out the price for your window project right away!

Frequently asked questions about terrace windows

windows from China

How much does a terrace window cost?

The price of terrace windows depends on profile, dimensions, type of opening, glazing, and individual equipment. Plastic profiles have a high price performance and offer many practical advantages. Aluminum profiles are very stable and can be coupled to form large structures. Let our specialist staff advise you in detail on the choice of material.

What protection is there for terrace windows?

There are many ways to improve terrace window security. In particular, protection against burglary is the most important for users. This can be improved, for example, with RC1 or RC2 security fittings. Furthermore, the terrace window can be equipped with laminated safety glass (VSG). Security roller shutters can also further improve burglary protection. Let our expert consultants advise you in detail on burglary protection.

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