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Balcony door measurement guide: measure correctly and record

Balcony Door measurement

Step by step: Balcony door measurement

What is needed?

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Metre measure
  • If necessary, construction plan

Make a sketch

Make a rough sketch of the wall opening and draw the relevant information: a.) The number of balcony door leaves to be used, b.) The position of the door handle, c.) The opening direction of the balcony door leaf. Especially in the case of several construction elements, you can thus make a precise assignment upon delivery.

Measure the width of the balcony door

To determine the balcony door dimensions, measure the entire width of the wall opening with a folding rule or measuring tape. Measure at least three heights, e.g., at the height of half and lower and upper third, to detect deviations. Then subtract the required installation clearance for installation on both sides from the smallest measured value (see table Minimum gap dimensions). This value represents the total dimension of the balcony door width.

Determine balcony door height

Analogous to the width, the height of the wall opening is measured at least 3 points, e.g., 1st third, half, and 3rd third. If there is a deviation, the smallest value is selected again, and, in the case of a balcony door with a frame, the required installation clearance is deducted at the top and bottom. If you choose a balcony door with a threshold, only the installation clearance at the top is deducted. The total dimension of the balcony door height remains, including all add-ons.

Our tip: If you choose a balcony door with a threshold, you should also order a frame extension at the bottom. This can be embedded and screwed into the floor for more excellent stability of the threshold construction.

Integration of a top-mounted roller shutter

A top-mounted roller shutter is mounted directly on the frame profile of the balcony door and inserted with it into the wall opening. This means that the dimensions of the roller shutter box are included in the overall dimension and other additions such as frame extensions or connection profiles. To determine the balcony door dimension, you need to subtract the dimensions of all add-ons from the total dimension. In the product overview in our shopping cart, the total and balcony door dimensions are displayed once again and updated depending on the height of the roller shutter box. Here you can once again check all dimensions.

Balcony door measurement

Table for minimum gap dimensions according to the length of the element

In new buildings, it sometimes happens that small changes are still made during the construction process. Therefore, we recommend that you take the measurements for the balcony door only after the shell has been completed – this way, you will get reliable measurements.

Take the measurements as described above. Use a tape measure or a folding rule and measure the height and width of the wall opening in several places. For balcony door profiles up to 1.5 m, subtract 20 mm each from the width and height. More extensive profiles from 1.5 m require more installation clearance; please refer to the table above for the exact values.

Often, the wall openings are not level in old buildings, and there may be misalignment between the outer and inner walls. As a result, the balcony door frame is partially or entirely hidden from the outside but remains completely visible from the inside. If the glass surface is affected in this case, we recommend using a frame widening.

Tips for measuring balcony doors:

  • The measurement of the balcony door should be carried out by the installer who is installing it. Construction plans could be faulty or outdated.
  • Make sure that the measurements are precise and enter all measurements, including the date on the construction plan, to be prepared for later modifications.
  • Take into account the correct opening direction of the door leaf. Structural conditions may already predetermine this.
  • Make sure that the measurements are always taken at least 2 points so that you can react flexibly to differences.

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