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Front door measurement guide: measure correctly and record

Front Door Measurement

Step by step: Front door measurement

It can make sense to replace the disused front door in a refurbishment or even renovation. This effectively improves burglar resistance and thermal insulation. The so-called precise dimension can be used for the door order minus the installation clearance in the new construction process. These are the dimensions of the wall opening only. However, do not forget to consider the installation clearance and the floor structure. To ensure that everything works properly during installation, you must first take precise measurements:

  • Sketch dimensions and model
  • For ordering and later checking, sketch the wall opening and enter the following information:
  • Number of leaves and, if necessary, side panels and fanlight.
  • The desired door model.
  • The direction of rotation and opening (DIN left or DIN right and direction of rotation inwards or outwards).
  • Position of lock and door handle.


Front door measurement

What is needed?

  • Pen
  • paper
  • Metre measure
  • If necessary, construction plan

Tip from a professional: When planning, start from the inside view to determine the opening direction, for example. As a rule, front doors open inwards.

Measure the width of the front door

To determine the width of the front door, use a folding rule to measure from one side to the other. Use three different places (upper third, middle, lower third) and choose the smallest measured value. This is because walls are not always straight, even in new construction. Subtract the required installation clearance for the installation material from each side.

Determine front door height

The height of the front door is determined by the distance between the threshold and the top of the wall. Again, measure at least two points and determine the order dimension using the smallest value. To do this, subtract the corresponding installation clearance at the top. What remains is the overall dimension of the front door height.

Our tip: When ordering an entrance door with a threshold, request a frame extension at the bottom. On the one hand, this can be used for floor construction, and, on the other hand, it can be recessed and screwed into the floor for more excellent stability of the threshold construction.

Table for minimum gap dimensions according to the length of the element

To ensure that the front door is also adequately protected from wind and moisture after installation, it must be carefully sealed. For this purpose, there is a narrow gap between the frame and the wall reveal, into which the installation material such as sealing tape, construction, or insulation foam is inserted. This gap is also known as the installation clearance, which is left free in the design to leave room for the insulation.

How much installation air is needed depends on the final size of the front door and the color of the frame. Dark decors expand more in the heat than light ones, so more space must be included here. The exact values can be found in the table above.

First, measure the width and height of the wall opening as described in the measuring instructions. Then tighten the respective installation clearance on both sides and at the top – the result is the order dimension of your new front door.

Install the front door

Front door with masonry stop

A front door can be mounted in two ways:

  • 1.) The door is mounted in the reveal.
  • 2.) The door is mounted at the stop.

In the first case, the width of the frame directly corresponds to the visible dimension, i.e., how much of the frame can be seen from the outside. However, if the door is mounted at the stop, the wall has an offset that hides part of the frame. The visible portion is also known as the transom.

To ensure that your front door is fully functional and meets your visual expectations after installation, take the measurements described above from the inside and outside. This will quickly reveal if any misalignment needs to be taken into account. Substantial differences can be compensated visually by widening the frame. Please do not hesitate to ask our consultants about your options.

Tips for measuring the front door:

  1. The measurement of the front door should be carried out by the fitter installing the door. Construction plans may be faulty or out of date.
  2. Always take measurements in several places and then use the smallest value minus the installation clearance for your order.
  3. Enter all measured values with the date in the construction plan. This way, everything is documented correctly.
  4. When ordering, take into account any wall offset, as this could influence the visible dimension.
  5. Make sure that you take the opening direction of the door into account in your planning. Structural conditions may already predetermine this.

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