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It makes the space beautiful, cozy, and inviting. We’re talking about the pendant lighting; as an eye-catcher in the middle of the room, it underlines your taste in furnishings. Whether vintage, luxurious, classic, or rustic. And the most important thing: it emits very flexible light at the table.

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How high should the pendant lighting be ideally above the table?

A pendant lighting suspended too low can be a nuisance. For example, you may bump your head when you stand up. Therefore, hang your pendant light 80 to 100 centimeters above the table. With a height-adjustable lamp, this is just as good a starting point – it can always be adjusted if necessary.

If you want to hang up a pendant lighting in the room, you should make sure that you don’t hit your head when walking. In general, it is correct to install it at 2 meters from the ground.


How to hide or shorten the cable?

You can pull the cable into the cover of the suspension. So, you can easily hide it. Trying to be a hobby electrician yourself and shortening the cord is not an option because safety comes first.

Tip: When buying pendant lighting, ensure that there is a cover under which you can hide annoying cables. Or include the cable as a design element because ugly cable clutter is a thing of the past for most lights. So look around our shop for a tremendous new pendant lighting that doesn’t have to hide its cables.


Can the height of the pendant lighting be adjusted?

Many pendant lightings are height-adjustable. Therefore, you can flexibly change the incidence of light. Hanging high from the ceiling, they light up the room. Further down, the light cone illuminates the table or kitchen island table.


Is there pendant lighting with touch dimmers?

Yes, there is. Brightness can be easily adjusted – from bright and comfortable to dim. Some touch dimmers are also equipped with a memory function. The next time you turn it on, it will continue to work at the brightness you selected last.


Is there pendant lighting with a remote control?

Many pendant lightings now come with a practical remote control. You can adjust the pendant lighting according to your mood.


  • The pendant lightings have different light colors (warm white, cool white, and daylight white are available).
  • The pendant lighting can change many colors (thanks to the color-changing light technology).
  • You can change the pendant lighting from bright to dark


If you prefer to use your smartphone instead of remote control, you also have a wide choice.


Which material suitable for pendant lighting?

Pendant lightings made of natural or simple materials are particularly popular. Lamps made of wood, fabric, and glass are in high demand. What most people want is pure light without too many frills.


Which illuminant is suitable for my pendant lighting?

Each pendant lighting can use a different light source. But those who rely on stand-alone lights are better off using LED lighting because of their long life, significant energy savings, and versatile appearance.

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