When you buy a gazebo for the garden, you solve many problems – some even before they arise. A question: Have you ever planned a garden party? Then you know it. Suddenly the weatherman becomes your best friend, and the rain becomes your worst enemy. But you can also avoid weather headaches by choosing an outdoor gazebo.

Or are you looking for high-quality and stable sun protection for your terrace? Here, too, a gazebo is a simple and sustainable solution. A gazebo must be easy to set up and remain stable in all weathers. This is the only way you and your guests can really feel comfortable.

When choosing a garden gazebo, you should do one thing above all: Make sure you select the suitable material. While wooden gazebos usually require a foundation, other materials offer more flexibility. We would be happy to show you what is possible.

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Leave the garden gazebo outside all year round?

Wood is a visually warm material, but it has one small disadvantage: it has to be cared for regularly to withstand the weather and remain stable over the long term. Aluminum, steel, and polycarbonate, on the other hand, are perfectly suited for outdoor use and ensure that you can leave your gazebo outside all year round without any time-consuming maintenance. So you can enjoy your stay in the garden, whenever you want and regardless of the weather.

Thanks to these weatherproof materials, you can safely use your garden gazebo. It would help if you only clarified in advance to what extent planning permission is required for your garden. This is because the regulations differ from every country.

This is why the poles of a gazebo are made of metal

Gazebo poles are always made from aluminum or steel. For an excellent reason- only metal can set up a garden gazebo in a stable and mobile manner because of its necessary properties. Aluminum is much lighter than many other metals but is equally strong in bad weather conditions. Powder-coated aluminum, usually supplemented by a steel frame, meets these challenges. These metals form the foundation for the roofing of most gazebos.

10 reasons for a gazebo roof made of polycarbonate sheets

The roof of a gazebo can also be made of steel or aluminum. In many cases, extremely resilient polycarbonate panels are used. These can provide shade and easily withstand temperatures between -40 and 130 degrees. The roof also offers the following advantages:

  • Polycarbonate sheets are extremely stable and much more shatterproof than conventional glass.
  • The roof is lightweight – particularly practical for garden gazebos that can be set up quickly.
  • In addition, the roof is characterized by high transparency and heat resistance.
  • Polycarbonate sheets also have excellent impact resistance.
  • In addition, such a roof is resistant to diluted acids, many oils, and fats.
  • At the same time, the roof is pliable and flexible.
  • And another advantage: the polycarbonate panels are waterproof.
  • In addition, the roof offers a high degree of sun protection against UV radiation.
  • Due to the properties above, the material is extremely easy to care for.
  • This is another reason why a roof made of polycarbonate is characterized by its long service life and durability.


The list of advantages is long, just like selecting different models in our catalog.

We would like to introduce a few gazebos for your garden.

The standard gazebo 3x3

Although gazebos have a range of appearance and size, a certain standard has nevertheless been established: 3×3 meters. A gazebo of this size is compact but still offers enough space for you and your guests to stretch fully. Here you can also decide whether you prefer a garden gazebo that can be set up quickly or a permanent installation. Lighter structures can be fixed with pegs, while stable variants stand extremely securely due to their weight.

Depending on the model, there are also various side parts or sidewalls that you can use to close your gazebo if necessary. Some models even have practical nylon insect protection. So you are safe from the often annoying visitors in the garden in summer and still enjoy the fresh air. As you can see, there are many possible variations – also up to the desired function of your gazebo. For example, a garden gazebo is also ideal for grilling …

The Grill gazebo

Of course, real grill masters don’t need much more than a grill and some meat or a few vegetarian delicacies. But a little more comfort never hurts, right? And that’s why there are gazebos specially designed to meet these needs. Above all, these barbecue gazebos offer the following advantages:

  • Improved air circulation for the grill master through offset roof peaks or a special roof attachment with a lever mechanism
  • Extra storage space for cutlery, sausages, and other delicacies for the grill
  • Sufficient light in the barbecue gazebo
  • A stable and weather-resistant stand (thanks to powder-coated aluminum with steel tube)
  • Many barbecue gazebos can be set up quickly and easily


But of course, other garden gazebos can also serve a particular purpose.

The folding gazebo as a party tent

The tent is one of the foldable gazebos, ideal for celebrating a party. A folding gazebo is always a unique eye-catcher, but these garden gazebos’ simple and quick assembly is particularly practical. The shade provider is set up in no time with the help of the integrated automatic folding system.

These folding gazebos are usually extremely light, but they are made of robust and waterproof materials such as fiberglass, polyester, or steel elements. These versatile models are also available in various colors, so you can choose the look you want to match your ambiance. There are even foldable gazebos in the shape of a shell, so you only have one open side in your gazebo. Another unique gazebo that you can find on Parlun is the hanging gazebo.

The Hanging gazebo

Indeed you have not yet thought of a hanging gazebo. However, that is also possible nowadays. The umbrella cloth is simply hung on the poles of the gazebo, and the side parts are attached with Velcro. This enables you to create a pleasantly airy atmosphere in your garden or terrace. Thanks to the powder coating, the metal poles are also resistant to corrosion and all weather conditions. The gazebo is also very easy to care for. Also practical: the gazebo can also be used as an awning. This again underscores the flexibility of modern garden gazebos, which you can all find at Parlun.

These gazebos are available for purchase online

You see: there is not just one gazebo design on Parlun. Here you will find gazebos in different sizes, colors, and designs. You can also discover the right tone for your ambiance: from anthracite, beige, brown, and bronze to cream, gray, and natural colors. you can buy high quality and affordable outdoor furniture from China with Parlun!

They all have one thing in common: being more independent from the weather. That’s why you are now spoiled for choice – and can go on a journey of discovery through our range. So: which gazebo do you choose?

Of course, you will also find suitable accessories in our catalog, such as replacement roofs. This allows you to easily repair your previous gazebo if necessary without having to buy a new one.

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