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First and foremost, the kitchen should fulfill its practical purpose of preparing food while making the daily life of the kitchen user easier. But it should also look good because anything enjoyable will make you happy. Speaking of happiness: Colors have a significant influence on our mood. So why not design a colorful kitchen in blue, red, green, or yellow? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small splash of color with the help of colorful kitchen appliances or kitchen furniture. We will show you how you can create variety in the kitchen design and what is essential when choosing a color.

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What should be considered when planning colored kitchen furniture?

It doesn’t always have to be a kitchen in classic white. If white kitchen cabinets in matte or high gloss are too clean and inconspicuous, we will help you find the right color for your kitchen fronts. It is essential to know that the color of the furniture always catches the eye and must be skilfully highlighted so that the kitchen will not appear overloaded or restless.

If you are thinking about buying a colored kitchen, you should first ask yourself the following five questions:

Question 1: What atmosphere should prevail in the kitchen?

When choosing a color, what is decisive is the prevailing atmosphere in the kitchen and how you perceive colors. Because every color has a different effect and influences the mood differently. Blue is considered cool and calming, while red is perceived by most as warming and stimulating and as dominant.

Question 2: What is the nature of the room (size/light conditions/shape)?

In particular, the size of the room and the lighting conditions influence the color effect. The smaller the room, the more oppressive the strong and dark shades appear. If there is little light in the room, even light colors appear pretty dark. In principle, choosing light-colored kitchen fronts in small rooms is advisable. You should also take a look at the shape of the room. Light colors appear friendlier in a narrow kitchen and make it appear larger. On the other hand, dark fronts can give a room shape and character.

Question 3: Should the kitchen be designed in one color throughout or a combination of gray, black, white, or wood?

The scope to design colored kitchens is excellent. The same-color compositions ensure a calm and elegant ambiance and an intensive color effect. If a kitchen with all the furniture in red or blue is too much for you, combining it with the achromatic colors graywhite or black is a good idea. Countertops in woodceramicor stone can also weaken the dominant effect of colors. It would help if you were careful with other bright colors. Complementary colors can be used, for example, to create excitement while maintaining visual harmony.

Question 4: Which style do you prefer in the kitchen cabinet?

Color always sets a nice decoration and can be combined with any style, whether classic, modern, puristic, or cozy country style. Whether a nostalgic, Mediterranean, or rustic style is desired, soft colors, pastel colors, or more muted dark tones dominate country kitchens and wooden kitchens. Bright colors such as strong yellow, bright orange, or intense red are used primarily in modern kitchensThe classic colors white, black and gray are equally popular everywhere.

Question 5: How is the environment of the kitchen designed?

Before you finally decide, it is essential to determine whether the new kitchen color fits into the overall concept of your environment. In closed kitchens, this question is of secondary importance, while in open-plan living, the color of the kitchen should harmonize with the rest of the furnishings. A red kitchen can be too conspicuous in otherwise neutral tones and perceived as disturbing. And if the surroundings are designed in different colors, visual confusion can quickly arise.

TIP: Ask the our kitchen expert for your desired color and material samples. Let the colors work in different places and at different times at home.


No matter which color you like and what floor and wall colors you want to design your new kitchen, before buying a colored kitchen, you should be 100% sure that you will enjoy the colored kitchen furniture for a long time.

Advantages of colored kitchen fronts

  • Feel-good atmosphere thanks to the positive color effect
  • Color as an expression of individual style
  • Can be combined with all kitchen styles
  • Homelike features of the kitchen

Disadvantages of colored kitchen fronts

  • Color is dominant
  • Color makes the room look overloaded quickly
  • At some point, color may no longer please you
  • Color trends change

If you have any doubts, it is better to play it safe. For example, color part of the wall in the kitchen or choose colorful kitchen accessories, utensils, and bright kitchen appliances as eye-catchers and decorate the kitchen with them. Unlike kitchen furniture, the color of kitchen appliances and accessories can be changed quickly, and the cost is manageable.

A nice alternative to colorful kitchen furniture is colored kitchen cabinets in neutral shades such as brown, beige, magnolia, or gray. Whether bright natural tones or dark gray tones, modern kitchen furniture, or country house fronts, you can combine these timeless shades with other colors and materials as you want and change the style of your kitchen with the help of wall paint and colorful kitchen utensils.


If you choose colors for your new kitchen, you are spoiled for choice. The color palette of kitchen manufacturers is extensive. There are many shades for every taste: bright colors such as bright red, blue, or yellow to soft tones such as mint green, pink or soft yellow.

Colored kitchen fronts effectively decorate hanging cabinets or open shelves in bright colors. Why not a gray kitchen in combination with a colored kitchen island? Regardless of a matte or high-gloss front, your colored kitchen will attract attention.


The selection of the kitchen worktop should be carefully considered in the colored kitchen because, as an important design element, it can significantly influence the look and effect of the kitchen. There are two different approaches: one is the “light and dark game,” and one is the variant of the same tone.

Playing with contrasts

A light-dark contrast between the kitchen front and worktop is perceived as visually appealing. If the front color is rather dark, a light kitchen worktop is a good fit, as it creates a friendlier atmosphere and makes the kitchen appear more spacious. In a colored kitchen with light frontsdarker worktops set a nice decoration and give the kitchen outline. Alternatively, you can also combine the colored kitchen worktop with a front color in gray, black, or white, thereby focusing on the worktop, especially with high-quality materials like marble, a popular choice in the luxury segment.

Tone on tone design

Suppose you want to design the kitchen tone-on-tone. In that case, worktops made of laminate, glass, or artificial stone are ideal, as they are available in a wide variety of colors, and you will find the right one for your colored kitchen front. The advantage of a tone-on-tone combination: The kitchen design looks very harmonious and coherent.

The look you want to create in your kitchen is also crucial. Neutral tones for the kitchen worktops – i.e., white, gray, or black – always work. Wooden worktops in the colored kitchen make you feel cozy. Natural stone worktops made of granite or marble look classy and timeless. Kitchen worktops made of solid surface material, artificial stone, and ceramics are also available in a stone lookConcrete or stainless steel worktops are ideal for a modern kitchen look or a colored industrial-style kitchen.


What colors are the worktops available in?

  • Laminate worktops: Bright colors and, above all, decors
  • Worktops made of artificial stone and solid surface material: colors from natural to colorful
  • Glass worktops: Bright colors, matte or glossy
  • Ceramic worktops: Mainly natural gray, brown, or cream tones
  • Worktops made of natural stone: natural stone tones from white, red to black
  • Wooden worktops: Different wood tones and grains
  • Stainless Steel worktops: Stainless steel colors only
  • Concrete worktops: Different shades of gray

Who offer colored kitchen worktops?

While worktops in delicate natural tones are available from many worktop manufacturers, colored kitchen worktops are not available everywhere. The choice of color depends heavily on the materials. You can find natural stone worktops in a wide variety of colors at Parlun, and colored glass and laminate worktops are available from us.


In addition to colored kitchen fronts, there are numerous alternative design options to add some color to the kitchen. You can set expressive themes with colored kitchen appliances, colorful kitchen splashback, or colored sinks, depending on your taste.

Colorful kitchen appliances, refrigerators, and ovens provide a variety

You can easily offer variety with brightly colored kitchen appliances, refrigerators, or ovens. Even in white or black kitchens, the colored kitchen appliances will draw everyone’s attention and spread a good mood.

Spice up the kitchen with a colored back wall, sink, or kitchen accessories

Even without colored kitchen cabinets, you can bring new life to your kitchen. Either you paint a wall or equip your kitchen with rear walls, railing systems, or shelves in the color you want. With a colorful sink and faucet, you can set a specific style. Suitable kitchen lighting can also be used to change the mood of the kitchen.

Just contact us for more detailed information about different ways to change the color of your kitchen, either directly on-site or via video consultation.


Parlun offers different colored kitchen cabinets fronts

In addition to white and black, Parlun now provides a wide range of colors, such as soft or deep gray, green in numerous facets, different shades of blue, beige tones, and red from bright to soft. We can even have your kitchen front made in any RAL color.

How much do colored kitchen cabinets cost?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s blue, red, green, gray, or yellow: the color of the kitchen doesn’t affect the price; instead, the materials used in the colored kitchen fronts do. Foil fronts are, of course, cheaper than lacquered fronts, glass fronts, or lacquered wooden fronts.

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