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Artificial stone countertops: Better than natural stone?

various of Natural stone countertop

Are you looking for an alternative to natural stone slabs because of the high maintenance of natural stone slabs? Then artificial stone will be the right choice for your countertop. Because the manufactured stone has a stone-like appearance, it is considered perfect for everyday use. We will tell you why you should choose artificial stone.

The appearance of artificial stone countertops

One of the major advantages of manufactured stone is the flexibility of the countertop design. The structure, texture, and color of a manufactured stone countertop or quartz stone countertop can be freely matched. Kitchen countertops can mimic the elegant look of natural stone or can be made with very delicate textures.

appearance of artificial stone countertops

Artificial stones are available on different surfaces depending on the processing method.

  • Matte
  • Polishing
  • Flaming

Thanks to their wide variety, man-made stone countertops are suitable for all styles of kitchens. Due to its more beautiful appearance, faux stone countertops harmonize perfectly with modern-style kitchens. Kitchen islands made of artificial stone also look particularly elegant, especially in an open living concept.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone countertops

Manufactured stone countertops are considered virtually indestructible and very resilient. They have many other advantages, such as easy cleaning, less maintenance work, and hygiene. Due to the high pressure of the pressing process, countertops made of quartz material have very fine pores. So there is no way for any liquid, germs, or bacteria to penetrate the fine pore surface. So cleaning is minimal.

Since the material is food-safe, meals can be prepared directly on the plate. This is an important difference from coarse-porous natural stone. If the materials are not treated, they are very susceptible to the effects of liquids and acids. However, textured quartzite may require more maintenance than polished finishes.

Quartz is a very hard mineral, which makes artificial stone highly resistant to impact and shock. For example, if a cooking pot is dropped on a worktop, it usually does not leave a mark. And it is possible to leave a hot pan on the table for a short time. However, you should use a liner to prevent heat damage.

artificial stone countertops

The artificial stone should not be exposed to strong UV radiation, as this can cause color changes. It can take on the appearance of natural stone with a mineral sparkle effect during production. However, if it is exposed to being under strong UV rays, the attractive appearance of natural stone countertops will be disappeared.

Tip: Artificial stone has a uniform texture and structure, so it does not look as natural as real stone.

Advantages of Artificial Stone

Disadvantages of Artificial Stone

Stain resistance  

Does not approach the naturalness of natural stone

Easy to care for  

Not resistant to UV rays

Non-porous surface, hygienic

High price

Resistant to common household acids


Very resistant to scratches


Shock resistant


Heat resistant


Large color selection


Different surface structures


Manufacture of artificial stone countertops

The mineral quartz in the form of quartz crystals is mainly used in the production of kitchen countertops made of artificial stone.

Depending on the desired appearance, the following substances are added to the quartz material.

  • Resin
  • Sand
  • Colored pigments or glitter particles

quartzite is a composite stone

Technically speaking, quartzite is a composite stone (also known as quartz composite, quartzite, or quartz material) that consists of various resin-bonded materials. Mixed together, they are poured into a mold and then pressed under high pressure to form the kitchen countertop.

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