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Solid surface countertops: seamless countertops with uniform color gradation

white solid surface countertop

Solid surface countertops are perfect for installation in the kitchen. The mineral material gives a unique look and a clean surface. Countertop suppliers like Parlun have recognized the great potential of this material. Many people are particularly fond of countertops made of solid surface materials because of their many advantages.

solid surface countertop

What is a solid surface countertop?

Solid surface countertops consist of mineral dust (mainly marble) mixed with various plastic resins and pigments. The main attraction of a solid surface is that it is easy to fabricate and can create invisible seam countertops.

Mineral Materials

The solid surface is a composite material consisting of mineral components and acrylic. Colored pigments are added to the acrylic substance, which later gives the kitchen countertop its unique character.

Mineral Materials from Parlun

Tip: If you want the individual countertops to fit together seamlessly, you should choose a solid surface material.

What you need to know: Work surfaces made of solid surface materials can be reground, and unsightly scratches and other signs of use can be repaired.

Well-known mineral materials from China

There are different types of acrylic bonded mineral materials suitable for kitchens. Depending on the manufacturer, the composition varies.

mineral materials from China

These materials can be molded as needed and are available in a wide range of colors. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for individual remodeling of kitchens.

Tip: For a very special elegant look, kitchen sinks made of the same material can be inserted flush into the work surface and glued seamlessly.

Advantages and disadvantages of solid surface countertops

The sturdy surface countertops are suitable for anyone who is looking for an easy-care surface. The mineral material also offers advantages for the kitchen.



Easy to care for

Sensitive to scratches and impacts

Acid resistant

Heat sensitive

No impregnation required

High price

Wide variety of colors and decorations


Silky smooth feel


Seamless transition between countertop and sink


A great advantage is the high-quality appearance of the solid surface countertop. The coloring is very even and does not fade in the sun. The surface of the solid top is completely flat and feels warm and velvety to the touch.

Tip: Always use a coaster when cutting solid surface countertops.


Minerals: Materials and Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process, mineral materials that are easy to shape can be applied to wood materials such as particleboard, depending on the desired board thickness. In the case of stronger versions, it is also possible to use no carrier material. A special adhesive is used to join the individual panels, which are then sanded. This gives the countertop a one-piece look,.

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