Metal windows

If you want to focus on elegance and a timeless look for the window, metal windows are the right choice. In addition to their modern design, windows made of metal are characterized by high stability and good burglary protection. Metal window frames are also quite easy to care for and can withstand severe weather conditions, which makes long-lasting joy possible for you at the window. At Parlun Building, we offer you metal windows made of aluminum or steel.

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Steel window profiles as metal windows

The steel profile is one of the most stable metal windows. Like the aluminum profile, it has an excellent performance in terms of stability. It is also weather-resistant and well preserved even over several generations. The steel profile has to make losses in terms of thermal insulation, which is why it is used more for industrial construction and large building complexes with facade windows. The steel profile is also well suited for panoramic windows. The colors of aluminum windows can be chosen from a wide range, just like the steel profiles.

The cost-effective frame material impresses us with its stability and durability. It is also a timeless material. Parlun provides the profile of steel metal windows. Therefore, the metal window has simple thermal insulation and is used exclusively in industrial construction.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

The aluminum profile is one of the most commonly used frame materials. Aluminum has many benefits and is also very elegant and timeless. As a modern material, aluminum is extremely stable, durable, and surprisingly light compared to other metals. The stable and robust properties of the material even allow for the installation of large windows. In addition, the popular frame material offers good burglary protection and is very weather-resistant. Under normal circumstances, aluminum does not rust, which gives it a distinct advantage over other metal windows. The disadvantages of the aluminum profile are the poorer thermal insulation properties compared to other window materials. In addition, a high level of energy is required to manufacture the material, which is also reflected in the price of aluminum windows.

The perfect combination: wood-metal windows

Wooden windows are very popular because of their pleasant appearance and natural thermal insulation. However, they are significantly more maintenance-intensive than other windows and do not have the same durability as modern materials.

However, metals such as aluminum offer exactly these properties. To combine the advantages of both window types, the wood-metal window was developed, which is one of the highest quality products on the modern window market.

There is a wooden frame inside, which adorns every room with its charisma. The outside of the window is provided with a metal shell, which is stable and robust against weather and burglars.

Although windows made of wood and metal are slightly more expensive, they have excellent thermal insulation and are even suitable for passive houses. Discover the advantages of wood-metal windows and find out more about our wood-aluminum window profiles in Palrun.

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