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What are panoramic windows?

panoramic windows

About panoramic windows

panoramic windows

Experience unique views! Panoramic windows are among the unique style elements in modern architecture. A panoramic window consists of a vast, generous glass surface stretching over a room’s entire width or length. This leaves the impression of being in the middle of nature with just one step. You can use them as a wall window, a skylight on the gable end of the house, or a sophisticated bay window. The only thing that matters is the fabulous view of the surrounding landscape.

Features and applications of panoramic windows

Panoramic windows are equipped with large glass panes, usually not divided or only to a minimal extent. Due to the expansive glass surface, the window frames have to meet special structural requirements. Full frame reinforcements are recommended for plastic windows.

The ground-level version of a panoramic window can also be used as a window door in addition to fixed glazing. Depending on the width of the wall opening, two or more sliding elements are installed, giving you direct access to the balcony or terrace. The PSK system or the lift and slide function are available for the panoramic windows in the living room.

Fixed windows are increasingly used as panoramic windows in the kitchen. This is how you can get a dreamy view while working. Contact us for more information about the panoramic window costs and plan every detail before purchase.

Why buy a panoramic window for the house?

A panoramic window has a lot to offer, and its advantages are of great use. Due to the large glass surfaces, plenty of daylight can flood into your rooms, and the living comfort is therefore increased by sufficient light and the breathtaking view. The panoramic window also visually enlarges the living space and is considered modern and necessary for every new building. The only downside is the thermal bridges that can occur with poorly insulated glazing.

advantages and disadvantages of panoramic windows

Advantages of panoramic windows:

  • Increase living comfort through natural daylight
  • Breathtaking view of nature and surroundings
  • Visual enlargement of living space through the window
  • Modern and elegant look of the house

Disadvantages of panoramic windows:

  • More contact surface for the cold due to the large glass surface

How much do panoramic windows cost?

the cost of panoramic windows

The cost of a panoramic window cannot be generalized. At Parlun, you can design your panoramic window according to personal preference. Therefore, no exact statement can be made about the price. The final price is not only determined by the size and number of windows but also by the frame profile and glazing. Other configurations such as accessories and extras will cause a surcharge. Below we have listed a price comparison of panoramic windows with different window profiles in 2mx2m:

Custom-made panoramic windows

Contact us for more information about the panoramic windows and order them directly from China at low prices.

Technical requirements for panoramic windows

The extraordinary dimensions of panoramic windows mean that these large windows have to meet particular requirements in terms of stability and resistance to external influences. Our steel windows and aluminum systems have strong static properties.

Both the glazing and the frame profiles must be made of weather-resistant components. Wind resistance plays a vital role, as strong wind forces sometimes act on large glass surfaces, especially on the higher floors.

To permanently maintain the stability of the panoramic window, a frame size of 6m² should not be exceeded as one element. The same applies to the pane packages. Large glass surfaces require special glazing made of ESG or VSG, but this also has its price. You can divide the glass surface with a transom or convert the single-leaf window to a double-leaf transom window as a cheaper alternative.

Big panoramic windows for big dreams

Most people have probably dreamed of having a large panoramic window in your home to admire the surroundings and feel close to nature. Thanks to modern technology and manufacturing process, such large glass surfaces are no longer a problem.

However, a window without a transom may not exceed specific dimensions depending on the frame material. Restrictions also exist for the glazing to maintain stability. Alternatively, special glazing withESG or VSGmust be assembled, which is usually much more expensive.

The restrictions will not jeopardize the component stability and thus your safety. Glass-dividing muntins offer this additional stability to realize even more oversized, dreamlike panoramic windows.

Popular sizes of panoramic windows

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