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What are French windows?

French windows

About French windows

The French window is a floor-to-ceiling window with an external railing. This model, which can often be found in the old town of French cities, is especially impressive for its unique charm. Since there was little space in the inner cities of France, or it was often not allowed to build a balcony due to building regulations, the French balcony was invented to provide plenty of daylight and space. The French balcony protrudes only minimally from the facade compared to conventional balconies. With the French window, you can visually create more light and space in the room, increasing the quality of living.

Window with French balcony for fall protection

French balcony windows for fall protection

A characteristic of the French window is its exterior railing. The beautiful decorations and flowers on the railing characterize the charm of French inner cities. But more and more modern versions of the external railing can be found in the cities. Smooth facades with simple steel fall protection without ornaments are becoming more and more popular.

Fall protection in the form of glass can also be found more and more often. This is usually permanently glazed on the outer facade and consists of safety glass. The so-called VSG glass contains an elastic and tough film, which prevents the glass from breaking through.

The French balcony window is equal to the floor-to-ceiling window. The floor-to-ceiling window is preferably purchased as a tilt and turn windowSo you can easily tilt the window and open it like a normal window. Just contact us for more information about your French window at Parlun and find out the price right away!

What is the cost of the floor-to-ceiling window with a French balcony?

the cost of floor-to-ceiling window

The cost of a floor-to-ceiling window with a French balcony consists of many components. First, you need to choose a floor-to-ceiling window with an opening type. Next, you need to decide whether you want a steel or glass exterior railing. If you don’t want an exterior railing for your facade, there is an option to segment your floor-to-ceiling glazing into skylights and sidelights. While the sidelight is fixed glazed and used for fall protection, you can open the skylight without disturbance. We have included a price list of profile systems for floor-to-ceiling windows below for your reference. The prices for a French balcony are added.

Custom-made French windows

Contact us for more information about your French windows easily and conveniently online at low prices and order them from Parlun.

French window with matching protection

The large glass surface of the French window allows small animals to enter when the window is opened, especially in midsummer, and many users are disturbed by these insects. A simple solution is integrating a fly screen for your French window. The fly screen can be easily integrated into your window frame so that you can ventilate even on warm summer nights without being disturbed by pests. You can incorporate your insect screen tenter frame as a rotating sash or sliding construction.

Also, consider that your floor-to-ceiling window can be customized to meet other needs besides insect protection. If you have children in the house, child-proofing the window handles would make sense. Soundproof glazing is a good idea if you live on a noisy street. A useful extension for the floor-to-ceiling window is roller shutters or ornamental glazing. The large French window allows many unwanted views of privacy, so a suitable privacy screen is essential.

Comparison of ornamental glazing effects

Floor-to-ceiling windows with a French balcony made to measure

Contact us for more information about floor-to-ceiling windows with French balconies easily and conveniently online at low prices and order them from Parlun.

Frequently asked questions about French windows

What are french windows?

A French window is a floor-to-ceiling window attached directly in front of the opening with a railing. Characteristic of a French window is the external railing, which protrudes only minimally from the facade and the large glass surface. Since there was little space for balconies in the inner cities of France, floor-to-ceiling windows with an external railing were built to provide plenty of light and space.

What are the prices for French windows?

There is no one-size-fits-all price for French windows. French windows are usually more expensive than conventional ones because they are floor-to-ceiling windows combined with a railing. The price of your French window also depends on your choice of profile material, glazing, and many other factors. You need to consider the cost of the external railing and installation. We have included a price list of profile systems for French windows for your reference at Parlun.

Which railings for French windows are there?

For the French window, you can choose an external railing in the form of steel or glass. The classic variant of the steel railing can be selected in arrangements of your choice. Even the glass railing can be configured visually according to your requirements. The important thing about the glass railing is that it is made of laminated safety glass (VSG), which is used for fall protection. The VSG glass consists of two panes of glass with a tough elastic plastic film in between, which holds the glass together even if one pane breaks.

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