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What are balcony windows?

balcony windows

Balcony window with door

Balcony window with door

A view of nature! Balcony windows represent large areas of glazing leading out into the countryside. They can be large, floor-to-ceiling windows or a combination of window and balcony doors. The latter is created by a so-called coupling that connects the door and window. Depending on the width and height of the wall opening, the balcony window can be equipped with different opening mechanisms: fixed, tilt, or turn.

Buy balcony windows online at low prices

Nowadays you can buy almost anything on Internet, even balcony windows! You benefit from transparent prices and make your purchase from the comfort of your home. When comparing the prices, it is essential to carefully check the information so that the price and the performance are right. 

At Parlun, you can get high-quality window profiles, fittings, and glazing. If you buy a balcony window, it is important to pay attention to the appropriate equipment. Equipping them with lockable handles, a mushroom head pin lock, or safety glass is advisable to secure the windows. 

You can also put together the products according to your needs at Parlun, and the costs for your balcony window will be displayed to you directly. Here you can place additional requirements into practice and adjust the equipment to your budget. Our team will be happy to advise you in your decision-making process.

Connect balcony window to door via a coupling

balcony window and door

A balcony door is often chosen as a passage to the balcony or terrace. In addition, balcony windows are configured for more light. The two elements can be coupled together for a uniform and coordinated balcony facade.

Balcony windows will be connected to the balcony door by so-called coupling elements. Spring or H couplings are used to connect small elements. Static couplings with steel reinforcement are used for a stable overall construction for large elements.

Both elements, window, and door, create an attractive facade. The balcony door can be adapted to the balcony window in many ways. For this purpose, numerous colors are available, and the profile system should be selected for a uniform facade, at least in the same material. At Parlun, you can put together your balcony window individually and very easily.

Privacy screen and decoration for your balcony window

balcony windows roller shutter

Large balcony windows offer a fabulous view and a variety of options for decoration. The disadvantage of balcony windows with curtains is that they often have to serve as a privacy screen or blackout and are drawn most of the time.

To prevent the bright daylight from completely disappearing behind the curtains of the balcony windows, ornamental glazing is a smart alternative. Textured glass provides a reliable screen to protect your privacy without darkening the room. This way, you can continue to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the room.

To improve burglary protection and thermal insulation, we recommend roller shutters. The armor forms a natural barrier to secure the balcony window and increase energy efficiency.

The roller shutter also allows you to equip your balcony window with a fly screen. So you can enjoy your peace undisturbed. At Parlun, you will find what you need!

Custom-made balcony door

Configure and order balcony doors easily and conveniently online at low prices at Parlun.

Frequently asked questions about the balcony window

windows from China

How much does a balcony window cost?

There are no all-inclusive prices for balcony windows—the price changes depending on the configuration of your desired window. The price comprises various elements such as the size, material, glazing, and accessories. The plastic window is a popular window profile, as it combines many benefits at an attractive price. Contact us for more information about balcony windows with the corresponding quote at Parlun.

How to connect a window to a balcony door?

The balcony door and balcony window are connected with so-called coupling elements. Spring or H couplings are often used for small elements, such as coupling a balcony door with a small window. If large elements are to be connected to form an attractive window front, static couplings with steel reinforcement are used. The individual elements are coupled together and create a coherent facade.

What material is suitable for a balcony window?

The suitable material for your desired window depends entirely on your needs. You will find plastic, wood, aluminum, and steel windows at Parlun. Plastic windows are trendy because they offer many advantages, such as weather resistance and thermal insulation, at an attractive price. Aluminum windows are chosen especially for shops and large glass fronts. The light material is also easy to care for, offers high static properties, and is exceptionally durable. In price, however, aluminum windows are more expensive than plastic windows.

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