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What are double-pane windows?

double-pane windows

About double-pane windows

double-pane windows

A double-pane window is generally understood as two parallel windows connected one behind the other in one window frame. The insulation space between the pane levels has numerous advantages, such as better thermal insulation or increased sound insulation. Therefore, double-pane windows have proven very advantageous, especially in residential and office spaces in large cities. They have been widely used in the cityscape by modern windows with insulating glazing.

Double-pane windows for optimal heat and sound insulation

The popular double-pane windows in old buildings offer many advantages. The heat-insulating effect of the window elements is due to the doubling panes and the air cushion between the two window panes. However, it should be noted that the thermal insulation effect increases only up to a gap of approximately 5cm. The thermal insulation effect decreases with more significant gaps between the double-pane windows.

In addition to thermal insulation, the windows also offer exceptional noise protection. As a result, double-pane windows were preferred in the past, especially in large cities with cold winters and high noise levels. Nowadays, double-pane windows are rarely found since modern windows with insulating glazing and new sealing systems also have excellent performance in terms of heat, sound, and safety protection. Contact us for more information about the right window glazing and order them from Parlun.

Subdivision of double-pane windows:

  • Frame double-pane windows
  • Box windows (double box windows)
  • Double-pane windows
  • Front windows
  • Composite windows

Double-pane window as a box window

double box window

The double-pane window is also often referred to as a box window or double box windowThe window gets its name because the two window facades form a space that resembles a box. The double or box window is often reminiscent of the past century and can usually be found only in old buildings. Understandably, the window profiles from the last century no longer meet today’s standards. To achieve optimal thermal insulation, double-pane windows or box windows were integrated into the houses.

The box window, which is found almost exclusively in old buildings, is often listed as a monument. If listed old buildings are renovated or repaired, the requirements of the responsible building authorities should be taken into account. Therefore, direct exchange with the monument protection authority should take place here.

There are two different versions of the box window, which you will find below.

Both windows can be opened inwards with the first variant of the box window. The outside window must be smaller than the inside one to be opened easily. However, it reduces the incidence of light, which is why a skylight window is often installed.

On the other hand, only the inner window can be opened inwards and the exterior window outwards with the second variant. However, it puts a lot of strain on the outer window sashes and requires regular cleaning. In return, large window areas are possible here.

The alternative to old double-pane windows – modern insulating glass windows

Unfortunately, the advantages of double-pane windows also become a disadvantage as time progresses. Old double-pane windows have porous seals and cannot be adequately closed because the wood has warped over the years.

Now you have the choice: You can seal old double-pane windows, restore them at great expense and maintain them regularly, or choose modern insulating glass windows.

They are made of plastic, wood, and aluminum and have excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation, thanks to the perfect profiles and special glass packages. Maintenance is incredibly easy, so you can sit back and relax for decades to come.

Contact us for more information about window options and alternatives. Here you can customize each window and adapt it to your needs.

Insect screen roller blind for double-pane windows

Electric insect screen roller blind

Whether in the city or country – small pests are up to mischief everywhere, especially in summer, disturbing quiet nights and cozy family meals. The solution is an insect screen for double-pane windows.

External roller shutters can be mounted on the brickwork even after the window has been installed and can be optionally equipped with a high-quality insect screen. In this way, the external roller shutters can be easily retrofitted and protected against vermin.

Of course, the front-mounted roller shutter can also be used as a blackout blind for the double-pane window so that you can sleep a little longer, especially in the brighter months. The noise and burglary protection are also increased, as the roller shutter creates a natural barrier against uninvited guests.

Frequently asked questions about the double-pane window?

What is a double-pane window?

A double-pane window consists of two windows connected in a row, the outer and the inner window. They stand parallel to each other and are connected by a window frame. They are also often called box windows because the space between the two windows is reminiscent of a box. Double-pane windows were used to ensure better heat and sound insulation in the past. Today they are disappearing from the cityscape and are being replaced by modern insulating glass windows.

How to open a double-pane window?

A double-pane window can be opened in two different ways depending on the window type. The first type is opened inwards. Both the inside and the outside windows are opened inwards. For this to work, however, the outside window has to be a little smaller. The second window type, on the other hand, is opened differently. The outer window opens outwards, and the inner window inwards. When airing, the outside window will be exposed to many weather conditions.

Why do people use double-pane windows?

Windows with double glazing are a big step towards energy saving compared to single glazing. Double glazing is a building element consisting of two panes of glass, in which the cavity between the panes serves as thermal insulation. There are now also triple and quadruple glazing. When choosing glazing, it is essential to coordinate the insulation quality of the windows with the facades.

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