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What are corner windows?

corner windows

About corner windows

A kitchen with a floor-to-ceiling corner window is every cook’s dream. The room is brightly lit with natural daylight, creating a smooth transition to nature. Depending on the size of the kitchen, it is also possible to create a small sitting area, which will look like an actual bay window. But corner windows are popular not only in the kitchen; they are increasingly used in living rooms and bedrooms. Thanks to various coupling elements, the cost for corner window solutions is manageable.

corner windows

Corner window solutions with mullions – connect and enjoy

The corner window trend continues to take hold, providing even small apartments with plenty of light. However, each house is unique and requires individual solutions for corner window designs.

Coupling profiles allow you to plan your corner window down to the last detail. For this purpose, you can use both the static corner couplings for a straight 90° angle and variable couplings, the angle of which can be adjusted as desired.


This structure can also be called a corner window with support, as two independent window elements are put together to form a stable composite. This is important for the statics of corner windows.

Depending on your requirement, it is also possible to connect balcony and terrace doors with fixed windows across the corner. With the proven window fittings and the well-known turn-tilt function, you can open the corner windows at any time to sufficiently ventilate the interior of the room.


Corner windows for a modern look

There are numerous design options for the corner window. The window over the corner can be made in different variations. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a floor-to-ceiling corner window, a corner window in the kitchen, or a frameless corner window. You can design your desired window according to your individual needs. Different combinations in the design of your windows are also possible. A corner window can also be floor-to-ceiling and frameless. Decide how you want to design your windows at Parlun!

Corner windows in the kitchen

corner kitchen windows

The kitchen is a room where you spend a lot of time. There are many corner window variants for the unique design of the kitchen. Cooking too much may lead to increased humidity in the form of vapors. Openable corner windows should be used here to allow quick and adequate ventilation.


Floor-to-ceiling corner windows

Floor-to-ceiling corner windows are a great way to flood your space with natural light. Corner windows in the living room or bedroom with large panoramic windows are trendy because the rooms receive maximum sunlight, and the occupants get a unique panoramic view.


Frameless corner windows

Frameless corner windows are considered an absolute highlight of the house. The window construction certainly has a window frame, but it is more discreet and hardly visible. A unique design is an all-glass corner. This is glazing over the corner area without a mullion. Frameless corner windows offer a real visual highlight.


Why buy corner windows?

Advantages of corner windows

Before buying a corner window, know all the essential vital details to weigh up what you value most. That’s why we provide a list of advantages and disadvantages for you to make the purchasing decision. You have outstanding benefits with the corner window and can enjoy your living space relaxedly!

advantages and disadvantages of corner windows

Advantages of corner windows

  • Plenty of daylight even at different times of the day
  • Breathtaking view of the surroundings
  • Modern look of the rooms with corner windows
  • Different opening functions of the windows are possible
  • Integration of window sills in the interior is possible

Custom-made corner windows

Request your corner window easily and conveniently and receive an offer from Parlun.

Privacy and sun protection for corner windows

Curtains and drapes for corner windows are not only for decoration but also to protect privacy. Pleated blinds for corner windows with opaque fabric are also trendy. However, during the day, they also interfere with the incidence of light. The better solution is corner window roller blinds. They provide reliable protection from prying eyes and additionally increase your living comfort!

Already have a corner window? No problem! You can also achieve optimal privacy and sun protection later with the help of front-mounted roller shutters. An even better solution is the top-mounted roller shutters. You can configure this function with your window to integrate the plaster directly into the reveal. This will give you a visually appealing facade.

A corner window roller blind also allows improved soundproofing and thermal insulation thanks to the air layer between the armor and window. This saves you both money and nerves when there’s a party in the neighbor’s garden.

Use every corner – the sliding door around the corner

corner sliding door

Think outside the box – with the innovative system! Gone are the days when annoying mullions in the corners of the rooms blocked the view, or only fixed glass solutions were possible. The lift-and-slide door also allows construction running around corners.

Operation is effortless; thanks to the proven lift and slide fittings, even large, heavy door leaves can be moved easily. For the corner solution, two-door leaves are constructed at right angles to each other.

A connecting post is unnecessary; the two movable elements interlock and close tightly. This allows you to take full use of even the last corner of your home and effectively increase the living space.

Call us right away or configure your lever sliding door from Parlun!


Frequently asked questions about the corner windows

How much do corner windows cost?

There is no flat price for corner windows. Since the window is composed of various components, other factors also play a role, such as the type of glazing. You can easily put together your desired window and request a corner window at Parlun. We would be happy to make you an offer!

Is a corner window expensive?

Corner windows are slightly more expensive than traditional windows since you need a special corner coupling. This can be a static corner coupling at a 90° angle or a variable coupling whose angle can be adjusted. Inquire about the corner window you want and find out the price.

How can I open a corner window?

You can choose an opening function for the corner window. We have everything for you in our range, from turning and tilting to sliding functions! However, some combinations for multiple sashes are not always feasible. Please find out more about this in our window opening types.

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