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What are plastic windows?

plastic windows

Buy plastic windows online

You can get plastic windows of excellent quality with an optimal price performance at Parlun. Plastic windows are ideal for high energy efficiency, reliable security, and design.

Design your dream window from a cheap, standard window to a fully equipped, premium window. Convince yourself and buy your plastic windows made to measure at reasonable prices from Parlun.

Plastic windows: guides, helpful information, and tips

Plastic windows

Are you planning to renovate and replace your old windows and install new plastic windows? Modernizing your home with new plastic windows according to current standards makes sense in most cases. Plenty of daylight and soundproof glazing can increase the quality of living. Security fittings with mushroom head locking and laminated safety glass and lockable handles increase burglary protection. The energy-saving profiles offer excellent thermal insulation and reduce energy costs combined with thermal insulation glazing. There are some criteria for you before buying a window.

Why buy plastic windows – what advantages of the popular material

Modern plastic windows are trendy and convincing with good insulation values, low prices, and low maintenance requirements. Compared to wooden windows, plastic windows only require regular cleaning and care. The plastic profiles made of rigid PVC are weather-resistant and can withstand wind and weather. Using multi-chamber profiles with steel reinforcement, high strength, statics, and excellent thermal insulation is achieved. According to today’s standards, modern plastic windows have a service life of several decades. Anyone who takes regular maintenance of their windows properly will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows

Advantages of plastic windows

  • Good thermal insulation due to multi-chamber profiles
  • High-quality plastic with a long service life
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Weather resistance
  • Low price

Disadvantages of plastic windows

  • Attracting dust particles by static electricity
  • Almost impossible to repair damage
  • Not ecological building material, no natural living environment

Plastic windows are characterized by:

Versatile design

Plastic windows are available in many colors and shapes – whether rectangular, round, oval, or trapezoidal. There are no limits to the color design, thanks to the high-performance films. A selection of 43 colors and decors allows for individual design and exciting accents.

Special window shapes from China

Consistent ease of use

First-class fittings from Parlun ensure that the windows remain functional over the long term. In addition, the plastic profile is highly durable and weatherproof, which makes cleaning so easy.

Excellent energy efficiency

Due to the multi-chamber profile, the window profiles have optimum thermal insulation. An innovative sealing system and low-emission coated window panes help to save valuable energy and create a pleasant indoor climate.

Uncompromising security

A full steel frame reinforcement makes the plastic profile exceptionally stable and robust against external influences. High-quality security fittings ensure excellent burglary protection through security mushroom pins.

Reliable stability

The high-quality plastic profiles with a chamber system are extremely dimensionally stable and can withstand all weather conditions. Frame steel reinforcement ensures lasting strength and increases window security.

Custom-made plastic windows

Contact us for more information about plastic windows and order them directly from China at a low price.

High-quality plastic windows for every home

Are you looking for new plastic windows for your house or apartment? Then you’ve come to the right place at Parlun! When building or renovating your property, you should make the right choice for your windows to enjoy them for a long time.

Quality is not equal to expensive. Our products are of high quality and still inexpensive. Another advantage of plastic windows is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike wooden windows, they do not have to be painted, so they are almost maintenance-free.

Plastic windows are not only modern and easy to care for, but the plastic frame profiles are also very durable and weather-resistant. Wind, rain, snow, or hail will not bother them. Even after years, they are still dimensionally stable; nothing has warped or jammed. There are many reasons to choose plastic windows at Parlun; see for yourself and contact us for purchase.

How much do plastic windows cost?

the cost of plastic windows

You can quickly get a quote about plastic windows at Parlun. Select a profile with the look you want, the right size, and the glazing type. You can contact us to get your window prices online free of charge and without obligation in just a few steps and keep track of your construction or renovation costs. In addition, we also provide a plastic window price comparison for you as a reference, which is easy to use and saves time and unnecessary expense. Find with us the optimal price performance for your construction project!

Here you can easily get your made-to-measure plastic windows

At Parlun, you can get your modern and individual plastic windows made to measure. Select your desired profile and window type – single, double, or triple. Special shapes such as circular, arched, triangular, or trapezoidal windows are also possible on request.

The high-quality processing of our modern plastic windows ensures energy saving and ideal sound insulation. In addition, high-quality window elements offer additional burglary protection and thus more security in your home.

The modern look of our windows also completes the overall picture of your property. There is a wide range of window colors for you, from contemporary anthracite to warm wood decors to classic white or moss green. Buy your dream window online or request your free and non-binding offer today. We deliver quality at a fair price!

Plastic windows from China – high quality at reasonable prices

The demand for windows from China has increased significantly in recent years. At Parlun, you can order them at an affordable price.

Chinese window manufacturers successfully produce first-class plastic profiles and high-quality plastic windows. The significant advantage is the entire production from one source, which allows quality control to be carried out in the whole production process. We focus on the flawless and high-quality manufacture of every product.

Choosing the right window for your building project is not always easy. Contact our specialist adviser at Parlun and get personal, comprehensive advice on all questions relating to windows. You will benefit from absolutely fair prices for the plastic windows from China of excellent quality.

window colors

Tips on cleaning and caring for plastic windows

With the proper cleaning and care, you can enjoy your windows for a long time, your windows will remain beautiful, and you will have them for a long time.

windows from China

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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