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What is 200×120 window?

200x120 window

200×120 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

200x120 cm window

Windows measuring 200 x 120 centimeters from Parlun impress with their high quality and attractive price performance. You can optimize everything according to your ideas with transparent prices with us.

  • Large selection of frame profiles
  • Modern fittings
  • High-quality insulating glass for better energy efficiency
  • Can be upgraded for resistance class RC2N
  • Wide range of accessories such as rungs, roller shutters, and handles 

More light and comfort with the 200×120 cm window

With the large window of 2000×1200 mm, you can create friendly and light-flooded rooms. This provides a relaxing and cozy home environment. To perfect the domestic atmosphere, there is a wide range of configuration and design options to choose from so that the window can be individually tailored to your style. You can also enjoy your window for a long time and put together your dream window at Parlun.

200×120 cm Window with double sashes: front or center mullion?

Before buying a double-sash window, the question often arises as to whether it should be equipped with a center mullion or a front mullion. The former represents the classic model of a window. If you open both window sashes, a center mullion separates the viewing area into two parts. The more modern version is a double-sash window with a front mullion. Nothing is restricting the view.

Windows with center mullions also offer their advantages. A stable middle post ideally supports the wide window format and allows for a large viewing area. In addition, both sashes can be operated separately. A double-sash window offers many possibilities for use. Various opening types, decorative colors, and accessories expand your design options.

Discover the diverse possibilities at Parlun and configure your 2000×1200 mm window according to your ideas and needs.

Windows with center mullions

Frequently asked questions about window dimensions 200×120 cm

What are opening types possible with 200×120 cm window formats?

There are many other ways to open the window. Double-sash windows with a width of 200 cm are available as fixed glazing or with a tilt, turn, turn-tilt, or sliding function. With multi-sash windows, each sash can have its type of opening.

Double-sash window 200 x 120 cm with front mullion or center mullion?

Both window types have their advantages and disadvantages. Both window sashes can have their opening type in a window with a center mullion. On the other hand, a front-mullion window format has the advantage of being able to enjoy the view when the window is open without the middle mullion getting in the way.

Which material is recommended for my 200×120 cm window?

For the window dimensions, 200×120 cm, the materials plastic, wood, aluminum, and steel and the combination of plastic-aluminum and wood-aluminum are possible.

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