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What is 100×50 window?

100x50 cm windows

100×50 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

100x50 cm window

Windows measuring 100 x 50 centimeters from Parlun impress with their high quality and attractive price performance. You can optimize everything according to your ideas with transparent prices from us.

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Can be equipped with intelligent control systems
  • Front-mounted roller shutters and top-mounted roller shutters are possible
  • Proven security fittings
  • Available with soundproof glass 

Narrow but chic – the window size is 100x50cm

The 1000x500mm window is small, narrow, and practical. It is suitable for any room whose walls offer little space for a window, such as in the basement. The narrow window hardly takes up any space and can fill the room with pleasant daylight. Ventilation is also essential, especially for a boiler room or a bathroom with high windows. An automatic ventilation system helps you save time and permanently ensures a healthy indoor climate.

Save energy like a pro

No matter what material and profile you choose: your 100x50cm window can be designed to be a real energy-saving champion! Because at Parlun, we attach great importance to good thermal insulation.

Since windows are critical elements for the energy efficiency of a house, an investment in good insulation helps reduce heating requirements in winter and save costs in the long term.

The high thermal insulation is achieved by using first-class constructed profiles and high-quality glazing filled with inert gas.

Depending on budget and requirements, you can choose between double, triple, and quadruple glazing. Start with a transparent price comparison at Parlun and invest in the future!

Windows material

Popular basement window in 100×50 with tilting function and mullion

Basement windows, which are often underestimated, are becoming increasingly important. They are often used as a hobby room or laundry room now.

At Parlun, you can select double-leaf basement windows with a mullion. The special thing about it is the use of a mullion-free profile frame. This means that the entire width of the window can be used without the interfering mullion when both leaves are open. In addition, a built-in tilt function can be recommended. Basement rooms often have a strong odor, which can be solved with ventilation with tilt windows.

Basement windows are easily accessible from the ground floor and, therefore, popular entry points for thieves. At Parlun, you can configure your basement windows according to your needs with sufficient burglary protection. The window size with the unit 100×50 cm as a basement window is trendy. In addition to the properties, it should also be coordinated with the rest of the windows in the house. The color of the windows can be selected from a wide range of RAL colors and films. We receive many inquiries for windows in anthracite and brown shades.

basement window

Frequently asked questions about window 100×50 cm

How do I find out the cost of windows measuring 100×50 cm?

The prices for windows vary greatly depending on the equipment selected, including the material, size, shape, and window type. You can find a list of the different profiles and material types with respective prices at Parlun.

Which shades of brown are suitable for windows measuring 100×50 cm?

At Parlun, there are many brown shades to choose from. In addition, you can have a structure with a pattern. Our most popular shades of brown are Hazel, Mahogany, Chocolate, Golden Oak, and Macron.

Which window color is the most popular at the moment?

Windows can be selected from a rich palette of RAL colors. Anthracite and various shades of brown are very popular with our customers. Can’t decide on a color? No problem! We are willing to send you a color sample on request.

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