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Dark brown windows – warm and natural

Dark brown windows

Windows in the darkest shades of brown

Whether made of plastic, wood, or aluminum – windows in the classic dark brown design look discreet, warm, and welcoming. In addition to the impressive variety of materials, we also offer a wide range of brown tones in decor for plastic windows or painted according to RAL colors for wood and aluminum elements.

  • Variety of materials in plastic, wood, and aluminum
  • Available with roller shutters, awnings, and insect screens
  • Available with innovative mushroom head locking system
  • Wide range of configuration options
  • Plastic windows in brown, black-brown, and chocolate brown
dark brown windows

Frequently asked questions about window color dark brown

Which house color is suitable for dark brown windows?

Dark brown windows can be arranged exceptionally well with light tones. White and various pastel shades in beige, pink, gray, yellow, and many more are suitable as a house color. Since the dark brown windows already have a powerful effect, we do not recommend using other bold colors such as red, green, or blue. Even a monochromatic color selection in different shades of brown would make a beautiful facade.

How much do dark brown windows cost?

the cost of dark brown windows

The cost of dark brown windows depends on the individual configuration. The window color does not significantly affect the price, but the profile material and window size choice. Factors such as the glazing, accessories, and other optional settings are also included in the price. Try to contact us for more detailed information and put together your desired window while finding out the price. You can find more information in the window prices.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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