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Blue windows – a visual eye-catcher

Blue windows

Blue colors for plastic windows, wooden windows, and aluminum windows

Set a visual exclamation mark and convince yourself of windows in blue. This is a particularly modern solution, which we offer in the plastic variant in brilliant blue or steel blue shades. Blue tones of the RAL colors are available for wooden or aluminum window profiles. Try to contact us for more detailed information and put together the right solution for you.

  • Top thermal insulation and high energy efficiency
  • Large selection of ornamental glazing
  • Available with an innovative mushroom head locking system
  • Plastic windows in brilliant blue or steel blue
  • Aluminum and wooden windows in blue RAL colors
  • Long life, easy maintenance
Blue colors for plastic windows

Blue windows – the symbol of harmony, sympathy, and satisfaction

Uniqueness and longevity

At first glance, blue windows seem unusual and extremely modern. Blue is a color we encounter every day, but we rarely see it on windows. Blue is a color that stands for harmony, sympathy, contentment, longing, and clarity, qualities that may apply to your home and your four walls!

Blue window, warm window!

Good thermal insulation relieves the load on your heating system in winter, economically saving you money. Since windows and doors are critical points of high heat loss, investments in good thermal insulation are particularly worthwhile. That is why Parlun attaches so much importance to advanced technology and experience. You, too, can benefit from the highly optimized pane combinations with double or triple glazing, including low-E coating and argon gas filling. Low U-values and thus high thermal insulation are achieved with the specially developed profiles.

double glazing

Variety of materials at parlun– it’s in your hands

Plastic, wood, aluminum, wood-aluminum – Try to contact us for more detailed information and select the material and equipment. Discover the excellent profile properties of the different materials. Enjoy the prospect of a variety of design options. Blue windows should also optimally match the glazing and the facade of your four walls to ensure a perfect appearance. Combine the windows with various ornamental glasses from frosted glass to Silvit or Cathedral to modern Mastercarre glass. You will also find soundproofing, safety, or thermal insulation glazing in our wide range. You have it in your hand!

Blue windows are unique and durability

Convince yourself of unique window solutions in blue, which will give your four walls an extraordinary touch. These products impress not only with their distinctive design but also with their superior durability.

In addition, these windows combine excellent values for sound insulation, security, thermal insulation, and energy efficiency.

Especially in times of rising energy prices, you will appreciate these differences. The profiles are manufactured in proven quality from high-quality material – lovingly and individually processed.

In a particular context, blue windows immediately shine even more than they already do. A noble and shimmering blue harmonizes ideally with colored brick buildings. Choose matching balcony doors, the right glazing, or shutters for more security and comfort at Parlun. Here you can realize your dreams of the optimal window and put together your window solution as desired.

From subtle to bold – blue tones for aluminum windows

Blue colors

Especially on beach vacations, we notice the maritime look everywhere, which houses and apartments exude at every turn. Bring the feeling of freedom and endless ocean expanses into your home with aluminum windows in azure blue (RAL 5009), ultramarine blue (RAL 5002), or green-blue (RAL 5001). Not only at the seaside, but aluminum windows in azure blue are also in vogue. Also, in rural areas or big cities, light to deep blue tones are becoming more and more popular. The bold colors noticeably enhance your facade and make you an absolute eye-catcher.

Blue windows are chosen more and more often

Where do we see blue window solutions more and more often? You can notice that this color is often used in houses with white or even gray coloring if you pay attention. Blue models can be ideally combined with glass and window frames. You will notice what new character this solution will give your home. For plastic windows, in addition to the decor steel blue, we also offer brilliant blue, which is more often used for fire doors. You can choose from a wide range of blue RAL shades for wooden and aluminum elements. Blue windows convey their charm and are a real eye-catcher for every visitor. Try to contact us for more detailed information and put together your desired solution in the color blue.

Frequently asked questions about the window color blue

windows from China

Which house color is suitable for blue windows?

Blue windows are always arranged well with white and light house facades. With bright blue windows and a white facade, you can create the Mediterranean look of Greek vacation bungalows. If you like it a little more unusual, you can paint the facade pastel or bright yellow. This will give your house a summery look and make it an absolute eye-catcher. Last but not least, you can paint the facade in a strong orange-brown or decorate it with bricks in brown tones to create a Mediterranean-summer look.

How much do windows in blue cost?

The price for windows in blue is determined by many more factors than just the window color. For example, the size of the window, the material, and the glass significantly affect the price. In particular, the profile material and the type of glazing can substantially affect the price range. Try to contact us for more detailed information at Parlun and compose your desired window while following the price composition. You can also find more information about this in the window costs.

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