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White Windows – clean and bright feeling

White Windows

The classic white windows that show taste

Window solutions in white for finishing windows and front doors are still top-rated among our customers. Whether as plastic, wood, aluminum, or wood-aluminum profile – the white elements lend a unique, bright, and friendly touch to any home or office building.

  • Configure your dream window in just a few steps
  • Available in plastic, wood, aluminum, and wood-aluminum
  • Can be extended in various sound insulation classes
  • Easy to maintain and durable
  • Large selection of glazing, fittings, or shutters

classic white windows

The first impression counts – white window solutions with character

White windows are still the most popular window solutions among our customers. Houses or offices with white windows look discreet and easily blend in with colored exterior walls. These solutions give a friendly, warm character. Lighter windows create a remarkable contrast to darker facades in particular.

Maintenance and care – are essential

Your white windows should be cleaned and maintained as thoroughly as possible to preserve the design and effect for a long time. After all, the snow-white profile of your window should shine as long as possible and retain its exceptional shine in the future. The window frames offer care without great effort, whether as a white profile or a decorative film. Thorough cleaning with a sponge, detergent, and water once a year should be enough. Dirt does not settle on the smooth surface and can be easily removed.

White windows have become the widespread standard

aluminum white windows

Even the standard version of white windows is high quality at reasonable prices. For an exceptionally high level of security, the window frames are equipped with an innovative mushroom head locking instead of the conventional bolt locking.

White windows from Parlun are already equipped with two mushroom heads in the standard version. In addition, you can choose between different opening types and directions.

The wide variety of available profile materials allows for optimal adjustment to the individual task. Furthermore, you can determine the sizes yourself – whether standard size or particular size, it is possible at Parlun.

Parlun offers a wide range of white surface profiles with their most beautiful finishes for incredible possibilities. Choose from painted and powder-coated profiles in wood and aluminum and plastic solutions between a direct white profile or grained decors with wood texture. Convince yourself of an expressive profile and design your dream window according to your needs.

Surfaces in their most beautiful forms

laminated safety glass

You can further improve the thermal insulation, security, or soundproofing with additional accessories. For example, integrate front roller shutters mounted on the masonry, which can also be attached later. Contact us for more detailed information and put together your dream window while following the corresponding price. Specify the dimensions and accessories. Design your home or office following your ideas – we will help you find the best individual solutions for your windows. Despite individual customization, we will convince you at a very affordable price. What is important is that you will get a unique window solution, which will score very high in the color white.

Frequently asked questions about white windows

Which house color is suitable for white windows?

White is probably the window color that can be arranged with any other color, whether bright, bold, or colorful. You can combine any facade color with white windows. But be careful when reaching into the paint bucket! Many different facade colors would make the building element look extravagant, but at the same time, they can be irritating. It is better to stick to just one color and choose a different color for your roof tiles. You should also choose other elements on the house, such as the door, pillars, or garage door in white if you have already chosen an unusual facade color.

How much do white windows cost?

the cost of white windows

For the white plastic window, there is no price premium for the window color because this is already the primary color of the material. However, if you choose a different expression of the color white, such as cream-white or wood grain, this will affect the price of the window. Additionally, price factors such as the material, window size, and glazing type play a role. And not only that. The window’s opening type, settings, and accessories are also accounted for. At Parlun, you can easily compose your desired window and simultaneously follow the price calculation. You can also find out more about the window costs.

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