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Wood-Aluminum Windows: Two In One

wood-aluminum windows

Parlun’s wood-aluminum windows use different materials, allowing them to do many things that other windows usually can’t. Facing inwards, it exudes the cozy warmth of premium wood; outwards, a shell made of weather-resistant aluminum provides strong protection. This elegant aluminium surface protects the wooden section inside from the weather. Whether it’s a contemporary design or a timeless classic style, Parlun’s wood-aluminium windows can meet your needs.

Maintenance of wood-aluminum windows

Easy To Maintain

This wood-aluminum window from Parlun is very easy to clean and hardly needs any additional care. Especially its aluminum casing is easy to care for. Compared to other materials, the coating is more resistant to corrosion and weathering with little or no signs of aging and wear even after many years.

Parlun offers you tailor-made wood-aluminium windows. You can choose between recessed and flush aluminum covers and make the windows perfectly match the style of your house. Regarding the color of the aluminum housing, you can choose any RAL color or other metallic shades. This allows for precise colour coordination of the facade and windows.

RAL colors of wood-aluminum windows RAL colors of wood-aluminum windows

For the interior you can choose from the following types of wood: pine (standard depth 78mm or 68mm), spruce (standard depth 92mm), larch, oak and eucalyptus.

If you particularly value the visible wood structure, choose one of the many glaze colors. Of course, you can also opt for opaque, white or colored coatings.

Parlun has different types of wood surfaces that rival the quality of furniture, and can design the wood-aluminium window that the wood types and colors to suit your home decor.

A variety of wooden surfaces for wood-aluminum windows A variety of wooden surfaces for wood-aluminum windows

Inner Wing Design: Modern Angular Or Classic Profile

The interior wooden surface of Parlun’s wood-aluminum windows is stylish, and the whole window looks beautiful. Now you can also choose a wing design that matches your furniture style.

Two Materials Stick Together Thanks To An Advanced Mechanism

The windows are always facing the wind and rain. Wood expands differently than aluminum with changes in temperature and humidity. Different material properties require excellent quality for the connecting elements of the wood leaf and the aluminum cover shell, which is where this flexible mechanism comes in.

wood-aluminum windows construction

Installed in sealed wood, this mechanism connects the two components without screwing. The wood surface remains intact, secure and permanently sealed. The contact points are not selectively fixed so that the material has certain freedom to move. With this mechanism, this wood-aluminum window becomes a closed and flexible system.

Equipment Without Limits

Opting for wood-aluminum windows – just like all of Parlun’s other windows – you can save a lot of time and energy. Contact us to learn more about equipment options such as energy efficient windows, safety windows, soundproof windows or individual combinations of all these features.

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