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The price of aluminum windows

Aluminum windows

Generally speaking, the price of aluminum windows is higher than that of plastic and wooden windows. This is mainly due to the higher cost of raw materials and certain requirements of the manufacturing process. The cost of energy rises, so as the price of natural aluminum windows. However, high-quality, well-processed aluminum windows have a long service life, 60 years or more, which makes people tend to admire the quality of aluminum windows. Yet, the higher purchase price of aluminum windows also needs to be carefully considered. If you see some prices for aluminum windows, you can compare these prices; or you can discuss with the architect which aluminum windows are the best value for money.

 the cost of aluminum windows

Aluminium Window Prices: An Orientation Guide

The specific aluminum window price includes many factors such as the design of the internal insulating layer of the frame and the performance of the glass used, so of course, this value can only be used for reference.

Window Model


Single-leaf aluminium window (1 m²), triple glazing and high temperature thermal insulation coating


Two-leaf aluminium windows (1 m²), triple glazing and thermal insulation coating


advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

One reason for the relatively high price of aluminum windows is that they are made of good materials. The aluminium frame is characterized by good static properties, light and elastic. Therefore, many large-area windows are only suitable for aluminum frames. Aluminium windows require little or no care and are extremely durable. Compared to cheaper plastic windows, they can be recycled is very environmentally friendly, which means that aluminium windows are not expensive to dispose of. Another point is that aluminum windows are not flammable and can be effectively fireproof.

The only downside of aluminum for window frames is its high heat transfer coefficient: Essentially, aluminum conducts heat about 1,200 times better than wood. However, by adding insulators and thermal strips into the frame, this disadvantage is also complemented. Aluminum has a grim-looking feel, but that’s certainly not a shortcoming. And during the production process, the surface of the aluminum can be permanently colored, and you don’t need to worry about it fading.

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