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Aluminium Windows: What Are The Quality Features?

the frame for aluminum windows

Aluminium windows stand for durability and stability. This article will clearly tell you which features of a window are a guarantee of its quality, and what to look out for when purchasing. Also, what else should be considered when buying.

  The Quality Features of aluminum windows

Quality Certification

Obtaining certification from some agencies is an important indication of high quality windows. One of the most valuable certifications for windows is offered by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

As with many industrial products, judging the quality of the window fittings and their manufacturing processes from the outside by a layman is inherently biased. Even for professionals, it’s not easy. From outside, only a small part of the quality of the window fittings can be seen.

Low quality fittings

If the window fittings are of poor quality, it will increase the repair cost of the window and shorten its service life. These could have been avoided.

Brand manufacturer

Windows from well-known brand manufacturers are usually of reassuring quality. We don’t know the quality of windows made by some suppliers who cut corners to save costs, so does from unknown manufacturers. It’s important to note that a low price usually means that the window is of poor quality, or that there are manufacturing defects.

To a certain extent, good quality windows can be bought by sifting through brand manufacturers. This saves some unnecessary troubles later.

Thermal insulation as standard

Modern windows have various built-in technologies that increase their thermal protection capabilities. It is not only the U-value of the glazing that is important, but also many details, such as the so-called “warm edge”. Professional advice makes it clear what is important for high-quality windows.

A check of all insulation values and a comprehensive comparison of all values also allows to know which windows are of good quality.

Thermal insulation of aluminum windows Thermal insulation of aluminum windows

Spare parts purchase

The ease with which the spare parts you need can be purchased after years of buying back windows can also be a measure of the quality of the windows. If spare parts are readily available, the cost of repairing windows will not be high. And the corresponding brands will provide supporting services.

aluminum windows accessories

Correct installation can also affect window quality

When it comes to windows, it’s not just about the quality itself. Professional and high-quality installations often make a big difference in windows as well. Of course, this also applies to aluminium windows.

Either way, the quality of the windows can suffer from improper installation. In this case, the manufacturer’s warranty and liability claims will also be void. Therefore, some professional installation companies should be selected, and they will bear the loss caused by insufficient window function caused by improper installation.

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