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What are high quality windows?

high quality windows

About high quality windows

Suppose you value modernity and high standards when buying a window. You should invest in a high quality window because new and innovative techniques allow windows to fulfill a wide range of tasks and functions. These include high thermal insulation that meets the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance, soundproofing for greater living comfort, and security for protecting your own four walls. High quality windows are also characterized by their stability and durability.

High quality windows with optimal thermal insulation

High quality windows material with optimal thermal insulation

Are you looking for high quality windows but don’t know what makes a high quality window? No problem! Find out the valuable clues to orientate yourself at Parlun.

A high quality window today is determined by many components. Heat-insulating quality of the window is one of them. Energy-saving windows are characterized by low U-values (heat transfer coefficients). A lower U-value can better insulate you from the cold outside, and you can save on heating costs simultaneously.

But before you decide on a profile system, you should first consider the choice of frame material. You can choose from plastic, aluminum, wood, and steel and wood aluminum windows at Parlun. As a rule, aluminum profiles are of high quality. Plastic windows offer a high price performance. Find the ideal profile for your construction project in our material comparison.

High quality windows from Parlun

High quality materials are used for all our window frames. All models have a high quality standard with proven profiles and refined manufacturing techniques. Thanks to the modular structure, all profiles can be combined with a wide range of glazing and thus tailored to your own needs.

Matching glazing of a high quality window

soundproof glass

After you have decided on a frame material and profile system, you should now choose the matching glazing. Depending on the insulation quality of your window facades, you can choose between double or triple glazing.

In addition to multiple glazing, you should also equip your window with functional glass. The so-called safety glass can be selected as ESG glass or VSG glass. The VSG glass is used for burglary and fall protection on upper floors, while the ESG glass is used for personal protectionYou can also create an ideal privacy screen with decorative glass such as frosted glass. Not to forget the sun protection glass as well as the soundproof glass. Thermal insulation glazing can also be considered.

Last but not least, you should choose a warm edge for good thermal insulation of the window glazing. The warm edge is plastic and interrupts the cold bridges between the glass panes.


High quality, custom-made windows

Contact us for more information about high quality windows and order them directly from China at a low price.

Design high quality windows freely: dimensions, colors, glazing bars, and accessories

window colors

It doesn’t matter what frame material, profile system, and glazing you choose in the end; each window can be designed individually. You can have your window made to measure or select standardized window sizes. More and more floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming popular, especially for new buildings.

Once you have determined a format, you can decide whether you want to equip your high quality window with window bars. Each frame material is available in different colors. You have a wide range of colors and decors to choose from. While plastic window colors usually consist of a decorative film, glazes and stains can be used for wooden windows.

You can order additional accessories such as roller shutters, external blinds, window sills, insect screens, and window handles at Parlun, which will be shipped to you directly from China at reasonable prices. We value the quality of all our products to a great extent. With us, you can create your high quality window according to your ideas.

Frequently asked questions about high quality windows

What makes a high quality window?

A high quality window is primarily determined by the quality and processing of the material. You will find high quality window profiles and glass with precise processing at Parlun. In addition to the quality and workmanship, high quality windows should also meet the thermal insulation properties of the Energy Saving Ordinance, offer appropriate burglary protection depending on the residential area, and be designed and equipped according to your own needs.

How much do high quality windows cost?

There is no fixed price for high quality windows. The window price is always made up of many components, such as the window size and the configuration with other details. In particular, the frame material and glazing determine the window price. Accessories and extras cause a surcharge. Contact us to customize your ideal high quality windows and get a quote quickly from Parlun.

Which glazing is suitable for a high quality window?

The glazing of a high quality window usually corresponds to that of modern insulating glazing. Therefore, multiple glazing of at least two glasses is required. In addition, you can choose functional glass to ensure burglary protection, privacy protection, sound insulation, sun protection, heat insulation, or personal protection of the window. For more information, see the window glazing for high quality windows.

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