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What are garage windows?

garage windows

About garage windows

In addition to the actual function – vehicle accommodation, garages are being converted into hobby rooms or storage space. For this reason, the rooms equipped with a garage window have become more and more popular.

Good ventilation is essential when storing paints, oils, and the like. The perfect solution is a garage with a window. In addition, garage windows allow plenty of daylight and good, natural lighting to pursue your hobbies without hesitation.

garage windows

Which material is suitable for garage windows?

Before buying a garage window, it is essential to choose a suitable material. Depending on the usage of your garage, the requirements for the material will change. The plastic and aluminum windows are popular options in the material selection. The wooden window is relatively uncommon for the garage and requires more maintenance than any other material. So it is more likely to find wooden windows in the living space than in the garage.

different materials of garage windows

Plastic garage windows

They are one of the “best-seller” garage window formats worldwide, not only cheap but also bring many benefits. For example, the plastic window is very heat-insulating and easy to care for. With steel reinforcement, the plastic window ensures additional stability.


Aluminum garage windows

The aluminum window is more expensive but offers good protection against burglary, as aluminum is remarkably stable and of high quality. If you store a lot of valuables, such as expensive bicycles, in the garage, you should rely on optimal burglary protection. On the other hand, the aluminum window is not as thermally insulating as a plastic window.


Custom-made garage windows

Contact us for more information about garage windows and order them directly from China at a low price.

Garage window with roller shutters – for the safety of your belongings

Garage window with roller shutters

Since garage windows, like cellar windows, are usually hidden but are still easily accessible, it is advisable to provide unique security components to protect against damage, burglary, and theft.

The windows in the garage can be equipped with additional security fittings up to the highest level. The window profile frames are fitted with a securing mushroom headlock instead of conventional bolts, making it more challenging to lever out the windows.

If a valuable inventory is stored in the garage, burglar-resistant glazing of the garage windows should not be neglected. It is advisable to optimally integrate top-mounted roller shutters on the window element to increase security.

Garage windows in different combinations

Easily configure various colors, materials, or accessories for garage windows yourself!

window colors

The individual dimensions of garage windows are just as important as the color and style. The material type of window frames ranges from plastic to wood, aluminum to a combination of materials. For the color design, you can select from various colors and decors, from traditional white and bright rainbow colors to modern anthracite. Once the design is complete, only practical accessories or innovative technology are missing.

Which glazing is suitable for the garage window?

Tempered safety glass for windows

A garage is a favorite place for burglars. Thieves have easy access to the garage on the ground floor. Many valuables such as expensive bicycles or electronic devices are stored there. With suitable glazing, the burglary protection of the window can be increased.

There are two types of safety glass. Two panes of float glass are connected with a tough-elastic film with laminated safety glass. This increases stability and burglary protection.

The ESG glass is manufactured using a special technique. First, it is the glass melting at very high temperatures, and in the next step, it is cooled at extremely low temperatures. This shock method makes the glass particularly impact and shock-resistant. Double glazing made of ESG and VSG glass is also possible for optimum protection.

Guide: Help and instructions for garage window purchase

Are you planning to replace the old garage window with a new one? The first step is to measure the window and order a new one. Once the new window arrives, the old one is removed. Then you need to install the new window in the garage. Some windows will need to be adjusted afterward. You can find out how to adjust your garage window and much more in the guide from Parlun. We will help you with the DIY work!

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