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Anthracite gray windows – the noble shade

Anthracite gray windows

Anthracite gray – calm, neutral atmosphere

The decor has an embossed grain with wood texture. Anthracite gray is the perfect color for your plastic windows. Try to contact us for more detailed information. Anthracite gray creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your home.

  • Noble surface – dreamlike appearance
  • Functionality in the foreground
  • Can be combined with front-mounted and surface-mounted roller shutters

Basement window, garage window, or living room window – versatile use

anthracite gray windows

Give your home a unique coat of paint

Plastic windows in anthracite gray have a very unusual, impressive effectIt is a color tone that has a calming and noble product. Anthracite gray is strong and noticeably stands out from the background. This gives your four walls striking contrasts for a significant “eye-catcher” effect.

Modern new buildings or open-plan offices – a wide range of applications

Parlun customers appreciate anthracite gray plastic windows in their cozy homes and offices. The decor has an embossed grain with wood texture. The appeal to family members and employees is unmistakable. Try to add more details or ideally match your window solution with other components. Silver-colored window handles and fittings can be configured to fit the anthracite gray window. The wide assortment ranges from standard handles to lockable brand handles. The lockable window handles are also suitable as child safety locks with additional security protection.

offices gray plastic windows

A sight that impresses – noble surfaces and a warm home

Convince yourself of excellent thermal protection and intelligent energy efficiency for noble windows in anthracite gray. In addition to the window profile’s material and structure, you can choose between double, triple, or even quadruple glazing in combination with a warm edge for excellent thermal insulation.

The modern Swisspacer Ultimate warm edge ensures increased energy savings and can also be matched in color to the window color anthracite gray in 17 different color variants.

Anthracite is trendy throughout the house building industry: from standard basement and garage windows in anthracite gray to stylish transom windows in various designs. The particular shade with wood texture gives a special touch to the walls. For anthracite gray muntin windows, in addition to the choice of muntin pattern, the muntin color can be matched either to the window or to any RAL color. In addition, there is a free choice of internal, surface-mounted, or glass-splitting muntins.

Try to contact us at parlun for more detailed information

anthracite gray floor-to-celling windows

Put together your dream plastic window in anthracite gray yourself. Determine your desired dimensions and select the appropriate accessories. The right equipment you create in your home provides ideal opportunities for perfect thermal insulation. At Parlun, we offer you window types and shapes in different variations: round, slanted or angular – just try out the models online yourself. Furthermore, there are other opening types: tilt, turn, or turn-tilt function. Each type has its advantage, which can be explicitly used to suit your installation situation. Your window solution will be unique in any case.

Trust us; you can buy high-quality windows at the most affordable price – despite individual production according to customer requirements. Try to contact us for more detailed information and start with your dream solution right now!

Frequently asked questions about the window color anthracite gray

Which house color for anthracite gray windows?

Anthracite gray windows go very well with light facades. In particular, pastel colors, such as cream white, white, or light gray, work well with anthracite gray windows. Light browns, such as oak or Winchester, are also popular combinations. It would help if you avoided intense colors red, green, or blue tones. If you want to have a facade in intense color, you should stay within the gray tones, such as basalt gray.

How much do windows in anthracite gray cost?

The price for windows painted anthracite gray depends on many components, such as the window size, the material, and the type of glazing. In particular, the choice of profile and window glass can significantly affect the price. Try to contact us for transparent price calculation and easily compose your desired window. More information is also available at the window prices.

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