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The price of the new window is predictable

The prices of new windows are very different. The cost varies from material to material and from type to type of glass. Here are some examples of expected prices.

different materials for windows

Materials for windows

Each of the materials used to make window frames has its benefits for homeowners. But prices vary widely, plastic windows are always the cheaper option. Wood is usually a little more expensive than plastic as a material for window construction.

Materials in brief:




Aluminum with wood core

Functions of window sashes

In principle, fixing elements are always much cheaper, because expensive accessories are not needed. Every function of a window sash, no matter how simple, requires not only accessories from the window manufacturer, but also a more stable window frame.

Common functions for windows

Tilt function – window cannot be fully opened

Rotating function – window can only be opened fully, but not tilted

Turn-tilt function – the most common function for single or double-sash windows

Turn-tilt windows

Swing window

Swing windows have a sash that hangs centrally from the sides and can be turned all the way. These windows were popular for some time because the entire sash is simply tilted inward for cleaning.

However, swinging windows are usually not particularly high and have wider frames. As a result, less light enters the room and taller people have to bend down to look out the window.

This looks uncomfortable and gives the impression of narrow loopholes. In addition, the windows are slightly more expensive because the frames need to be very strong and stable.

Glass Window

For example, in Europe, the surcharge for insulating glass is about 50 to 70 Euros per square meter of the glass surface. An additional surcharge of approx. 45 to 60 Euros for sound-insulating windows.

The price for safety glass applies to one square meter of the glass surface. Builders should request a fixed price when preparing a quote to avoid trouble later.

multiple glazing

Glass types:

Double Glass

Triple Glass

Six-layer insulating glass

Sound-proof windows

Safety Glass

Tinted Windows

Plastic windows

In most cases, plastic windows are the cheapest option. They are strong and durable. Unusual shapes can also be achieved with plastic frames. However, once a plastic window becomes scratched or discolored, it is almost impossible to remove it.

Prices of plastic windows in Europe:

One 80 x 80 cm sash approx. 120.00 Euros

One 100 x 100 cm sash approx. 140.00 Euros

One 160 x 80 cm sash approx. 220.00 Euros

Plastic windows in birch look

Wooden window

Not only are wood windows slightly more expensive than plastic windows, but wood windows require the most care and age faster. However, scratches and discoloration in wood are easily removed.

Prices of wooden windows in Europe:

One 80 x 80 cm sash approx. 190.00 Euros

One 100 x 100 cm sash approx. 220.00 Euros

One 160 x 80 cm sash approx. 290.00 Euros

wooden windows with the walnut glaze

Aluminum window

Almost no window is as durable and strong as an aluminum window. Aluminum windows with wood cores are a little heavier and more stable, but this is not reflected in the price.

Prices of aluminum windows in Europe:

One 80 x 80 cm sash approx. 350.00 Euros

One 100 x 100 cm sash approx. 390.00 Euros

One 160 x 80 cm sash approx. 485.00 Euros

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