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Custom garden house windows made of wood, plastic, or aluminum

garden houses windows

What kind of garden house windows are available?

Most garden houses are built with wood, which looks natural and blends in perfectly with the nature of the garden. However, the windows of a garden house are not necessarily made of wood. Wooden windows are usually very expensive. That’s why plastic windows with a wooden look are a good alternative. And due to their lightweight, aluminum windows are also very popular. In addition to that, the size of the windows is important because the windows in summer houses are usually much smaller than the normal facade windows. This is due to the lower wall thickness.

Garden windows in different materials 

Garden house with wood windows

Pinewood windows or Meranti wood windows with window bars are very popular for garden house windows. The window panes can be real ones, glued variants or wooden panes. In the case of multi-pane windows, internal glazing bars can also be provided. The style of country houses is often created by lattice windows. As with other windows, various options can be integrated into the wood window. For example, garden cottage windows can be configured with decorative glass or security glass. The color of the wood frames can also be changed. Windows made of raw wood or natural wood with clear varnish are often ordered in colors that are also very popular according to the RAL chart.

Single glazing versus double or triple glazing

There are also many options for windows in a garden house. In order to get the best possible value for money, you should consider the intended use of the garden shed. For dedicated storage, a single pane of glass for the windows is enough. However, if you are storing temperature-sensitive equipment or want to use the cottage as a living space, it is recommended to use multiple panes of glass to protect it from the sun’s rays.

multiple glazing

Garden House doors

In addition to the windows of the garden house, the door of the garden house is also important. It can be made of wood, plastic, or aluminum. The thickness of the door can also vary. For small wooden garden houses, the door is more like a room door than a front door. However, burglar protection should not be neglected. Parlun offers you profile cylinder locks or locking arbors with padlocks.

Build your garden house windows

Building your garden house windows is very interesting. However, you should be aware of your technical abilities and their limitations. It is not practicable for you to make windows with multiple insulated glasses by yourself. Therefore, if you need double glazing, you should buy it from a professional manufacturer. If you want more daylight for your shed to store things, a single glazed window is enough.

If you only need single pane glazing when building your own garden house, this is not a big problem as the internet provides many useful videos. But if you want to install double-layer glazing, the whole thing becomes a bit difficult. It is difficult to achieve the insulation value of double-layer glazing with manual techniques because installing double-layer glazing requires equipment and special materials. Another option is double glazing, where two separate sashes are enclosed in the window frame. Although their insulation is far from comparable to double-layer glazing, the insulation is still acceptable, even for residential garden houses.

garden shed with wood garden windows

Heating and care of a garden house

The classic garden shed is a wooden house, although the size can vary greatly. But anything is possible, it can be a small gazebo, a tool shed, a small garden shed full of life. Depending on the materials and function, a garden house may also need to be heated. There are many ways to do this. Electric heating, gas heating, or solar heating. Depending on the requirements, you can integrate these heaters.

In order to be able to enjoy your garden house for a long time, it is necessary to invest in a certain amount of care. For a wooden house, regular priming and glazing or painting is necessary. This protects the surface and makes it more resistant to the effects of sun and weather. To always be able to ensure adequate ventilation and thus avoid the formation of mold, it is recommended to integrate garden house windows when buying or building a garden house. To avoid fading, warping, and weathering, you can choose different materials. Aluminum, plastic, and metal can all be used in the garden. Or you can combine a wooden garden house with window profiles made of plastic. The windows can easily make to have wooden look and can therefore be perfectly integrated into the garden house.

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